Zwick/Roell TestXpo day 2

We spent the second day at the testXpo looking at the fatigue testing machines. Vibrophore is a group of machines suitable for high-cycle fatigue testing. Some of them were extreme, like the one on the first photo below – a 1000kN machine. The second one we looked at, 50kN, is maybe more suitable for us. What is nice with these machines is that they are equipped with a high frequency pulsator with electromagnetic drive. So no hydraulic pump and high-pressure oil hoses.

We also had time to stroll around and watch other kinds of test rigs and to enjoy a nice lunch typical German style.

Zwick expo 1MN
Fatigue-testing machine Vibrophore 1000 (1000kN)
Zwick expo 50kN
Vibrophore (50kN)
Listening to a welcome speech before lunch.