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CorrosionFatigueCreep. New project! New people!

Scania and KTH have recently initiated a new project named CorrosionFatigueCreep. This means that the lab is in use again and that the truck manufacturer Scania can continue its research within the field of high-temperature materials at KTH. The group aims to investigate the deformation mechanisms creep and fatigue under the influence of corrosion. Moreover, the lab is being upgraded to better meet our requirements for future testing. The first step is to make the equipment ready for LCF-testing (low cycle fatigue) at 800 degrees for three different environments: argon, air and diesel gas. The materials included in this first part are a cast ductile iron, a cast stainless steel and a Ni-resist (DS5).


My name is Christian Öberg (to the left in the attached picture) and I started working as a PhD-student for KTH and Scania in the beginning of september. The plan is that Shengmei Xiang, viewed to the right in the picture, will join the research team when she is back from China. My previous degree is within nanotechnology engineering with a master in materials science, received from Lund institute of technology.

The former main attractions still work for the project! Stefan Jonsson is the professor and the former PhD-student, Madeleine Ekström, is involved as a supervisor and technical expert.