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Graffiti and research, a possible marriage?

The past weeks I have worked almost full time in the lab trying to make the equipment ready for low cycle fatigue testing. We have a new videoextensometer! It is a camera used for studying the sample and register the resulting strain during testing.  The camera registers the distance between two white markers of aluminum oxide. … Continue reading “Graffiti and research, a possible marriage?”

Back in the lab

We are back from Argentina and ready for lab work. The machine is now finally running again after the failure! Professor Jonsson is also doing some lab work. A picosecond laser, which will be used for cutting and processing, is being installed. More to come!  

Sometimes it goes wrong

Research is not always going perfect. Especially not today. This is what happens when you and the computer speak different languages. An exploding furnace can easily result in damage of the induction coil, which is the reason for the leakage of cooling water. We decided to color this water pink, so it is easy to … Continue reading “Sometimes it goes wrong”