High-temperature solutions

Testing at temperatures up to 1000 degrees or above requires many new solutions. Here is list of some good products suitable at high temperatures: Heat-resistant thread ALF (Al2O3-SiO2) – can be used up to 1300-1400 degrees. It is good for attaching thermo couples as the mechanical properties are very good. Another benefit is that it is … Continue reading “High-temperature solutions”

Gas chamber

The most difficult part of building this equipment was to make a chamber that is gas-tight but still allows for a test specimen to move at high temperatures. After many different designs, material choices and broken set-ups, we ended up with following design: Ceramic plates working as top and bottom of the chamber. The ceramic is … Continue reading “Gas chamber”

Gas chamber works!

Today is a good day! I tested the chamber and it is confirmed to be gas tight! It took many different kinds of sealing solutions before getting here. The oxygen probe shows a satisfied value when testing in an argon atmosphere.

Termocouple handcraft

Measuring temperature on an isolated sample is quite difficult. One option was to use a pyrometer but it could be problematic to measure through the quartz glass tube in the chamber. The other option is to use thin thermocouples attached on the test specimen. One problem is to insert them through the chamber without resulting … Continue reading “Termocouple handcraft”