Have we bitten off more than we can chew?

Today is the official start of the project with Scania. Corrosion fatigue testing in temperatures up to 1000 degrees couldn’t be so hard, could it? Well, the answer is yes. Our plan was to perform the tests at a test institute and focus on the post-analysis here at KTH. It turned out that no one could do the testing for us. The solution is to build the test rig on our own. How hard can it be? As you might guess…very hard! Welcome to join us in the work of building our new lab. 🙂



New project!

Project application approved! In May 2013 we will start a research project together with the bus and truck manufacturer Scania. The people working with this project is me, Madeleine Ekström – PhD student, Stefan Jonsson – professor and supervisor, Peter Szakalos – second supervisor and Baohua Zhu – project leader at Scania. For 2 years I will dig deeper into how a hot and corrosive environment (such as diesel exhaust gases) affects the mechanical properties of engine materials.