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Cast iron conference in Argentina – day 2

New day and new presentations! Some of us prepared for the day with a morning run along the beach whereas others enjoyed a sleep out. Viktor Norman from Linköping university gave a presentation about thermomechanical fatigue of a compacted graphite iron and discussed the damage evolution. It was interesting to see images of micro cracks … Continue reading “Cast iron conference in Argentina – day 2”

Cast iron conference in Argentina – day 1

It is time for SPCI10 – a conference on the science and processing of cast iron. This time the conference takes place in Mar del Plata in Argentina. It was a long trip to get here. But arriving at the very nice hotel Costa Galana, which is located at the beautiful coast of Mar del Plata, it … Continue reading “Cast iron conference in Argentina – day 1”

Sometimes it goes wrong

Research is not always going perfect. Especially not today. This is what happens when you and the computer speak different languages. An exploding furnace can easily result in damage of the induction coil, which is the reason for the leakage of cooling water. We decided to color this water pink, so it is easy to … Continue reading “Sometimes it goes wrong”

European corrosion congress

It is time for the annual european corrosion congress, EUROCORR, which takes place in Pisa, Italy this year! A perfect place for meeting researchers  from both the academy and the industry. The conference is huge and covers corrosion research in many industries, such as oil and gas, automotive, marine, aerospace, electronics, drinking water systems, refinery industry, nuclear … Continue reading “European corrosion congress”

Have we bitten off more than we can chew?

Today is the official start of the project with Scania. Corrosion fatigue testing in temperatures up to 1000 degrees couldn’t be so hard, could it? Well, the answer is yes. Our plan was to perform the tests at a test institute and focus on the post-analysis here at KTH. It turned out that no one could … Continue reading “Have we bitten off more than we can chew?”