Welcome to the 2019 Degree Project Fair

The 2019 Degree Project Fair (Exjobbsmässa) at KTH Kista will take place on Wednesday October 9, 11.30-15.00 in Electrum Atrium (glasgatan). Come and meet researchers from KTH and the industry and talk to them about what you can offer each other.

Sign up here if you want your company to participate, deadline 13/9:

Companies which were exhibiting at the fair 2018

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Research groups at KTH.:

Internet of Things, Machine to Machine, Machine Type Communications, Telecommunications, Reproducible distributed systems, 5G mobile communication systems, Photonics, Nanotechnology, Bio-data analysis, Biodata Visualisation, Cloud Architecture and Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Real-time Systems, Distributed systems, Big Data, Energy and Spectrum Efficient Network Design, Techno-economic analysis, Mobile Payments, Nanoelectronics, 2D-materials and printed flexibel electronics, High-temperature Electronics, Embedded Systems, Data Science, Green Mobile Networks, Aorenautical Communications, Network systems research, Mobile Services, Wireless communications and systems, Brain Like Computing, Very-large-scale Integration Design and Automation, Semiconductor Materials, Nanotechnology, Photovoltaics.