For faculty members

All researchers and teachers at KTH who can offer degree project topics to our students should participate in the fair.

What is the Degree Project Fair?
The Degree Project Fair is an event for bachelor’s and master’s students, where they get the opportunity to meet researchers and industry with the aim of finding a suitable degree project topic and accompanying supervisor.

Why should I participate?

  • All departments have to provide degree project supervisors and examiners, for both bachelor’s and master’s students. It is a requirement for the students to produce a degree project to be able to graduate and the departments have to contribute.
  • The fair is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your research/topic/department
    and connect with interested students.
  • It is a great way of marketing our master programmes to make the school’s
    bachelor’s students interested in applying for these after their bachelor degree project.

What is expected of me as a researcher/teacher?
This year the set-up of the fair has been changed slightly. There will be presentations/lectures and the students will mingle with faculty and companies.  would like you to be there (especially during “rush hour”) and exhibit your research/area/topics – preferably with some concrete degree project proposals, but not necessarily. A light lunch will be provided to all participating exhibitors.

Date: Wednesday October 9

Time: 11.30-15.30

Place: Electrum atrium (“glasgatan”)


Contact: Project manager Alexandra Leyton, 08-790 44 24