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About our research group

What does it mean to live during the time of digitalization?  In this blog, we  share our newest findings, interesting projects and ongoing research at the intersection between technology and society. 
We are an interdisciplinary research group bridging our backgrounds in ageing studies, sociology, engineering, psychology and design to understand what it means to be human in the age of digitization and how this relates to the design of new technologies.

Our research group

  • Britt Östlund | Professor | Profile
  • Sanna Kuoppamäki | Postdoctoral Researcher | Profile
  • Xin Chen | PhD student | Profile
  • Fangyuan Chang | PhD student | Profile
  • Irini Antoniadou | PhD student Profile
  • Björn Fischer | PhD student | Profile 
The research group at the unit of Technology in Health Care.

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