WEEE Stands For?

Why didn’t I post during the week? Laziness? Party too much? Well, non of them… I was actually waiting for yesterday’s field trip to a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) facility called SIMS Recycling Solutions! Have you ever wonder where your old box-TV could have ended up or that big heavy cellphone that your parents used to have back in the 90’s? The answer to that could be (in most and worst of the cases) in a landfill 🙁 or in (best of scenarios) in a WEEE facility!

It is stated than less than 20% of the electronic waste (e-waste) generated world-wide is recycled; even though, nearly 100 % of e-waste is recyclable!!! We are talking about cellphones, computers, vacuum cleaners, radiators and so on. All these products are reached in metals and plastic that could have been re-introduced to the chain lowering their environmental footprint if they were disposed properly. Let’s just quantify with one example:

  • Recycling one million laptop computers can save enough energy to run 3,656 U.S. homes for a year.

Trust me… that’s a lot from just recycling…

The problem here is to know that these products have a lifespan and that they can be actually recycled, not to be left in a dark drawer as probably most our old cellphones in our homes. That’s bad, bad for our environment based on the fact that without recycling, companies will be needing to extract more natural resources. To be honest, this visit was quite amazing, but unfortunately we couldn’t make pictures of the process, despite that, here is a pic of Tobi and me before entering its facility.

At SIMS Sweden, they work with a wide portfolio of companies and businesses within the private and public sector to reduce and recycle this type of waste. Only last year, they recycled in their Swedish facility 34,000 tons of e-waste that was quantified in a reduction of 73,250 tons of CO2 (an average car produces 4.7 tons per year so yeah, the amount of emissions of 15,585 cars in a year… just saying). Do you know what to do with your e-waste in your country? If not, be curious and motivated to have a positive impact in your environment! 😀

Here is a video of what Tobi and me (and others not in this cool selfie) experienced on Friday at SIMS.

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