Surfing Energy

Hey peeps, have you ever thought about obtaining energy from waves? Yes! Waves! Well, KTH researchers are already testing technology that could mean new resources for renewable energy.

Inspired by the mechanics of the human heart, a new type of wave energy conversion system developed in Sweden is now bobbing in the waves off Orkney, Scotland.

Watch this video for a better explanation of what is happening with this new technology…

Want to know why investing and developing this type of energy could contribute to sustainable development ? Even though the energy from waves is not homogeneous and is distributed around the glove, it is estimated by World Energy Organization a potential of 32 PWh/y … 1 Petawatt Hour is equal to 1,000,000,000 Megawatt Hour… yeah, it’s a LOT!

Let’s just remember that energy transition is a challenge worldwide, we as society must understand that the use of fossil fuels has driven us into environmental conditions adverse for our prosperity. There’s been different estimations on how long it takes for CO2 emissions to reach their maximum warming potential (greenhouse effect), but late studies estimate that it is likely closer to 10 years. In other words this means, that we will see in 10 years the effects on the environment of the current concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Ok, the meme is funny haha but not environmental destruction :/ haha so stay committed to having the lowest environmental footprint, peeps!

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