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Continuing the last post about wave energy (that I hope you enjoyed), I bring to you another research study that KTH is leading, hydrogen extraction! 

Researchers at KTH have successfully tested a new material that can be used for cheap and large-scale production of hydrogen – a promising alternative to fossil fuel.

As the most abundant element, watch this video to understand its importance, barriers, and how hydrogen is obtain before continue reading the post 🙂

Now, whats the business with KTH? Well, current methods to produce hydrogen by electrolysis use precious metals as catalyst materials such as platinum, ruthenium and iridium (reeeally expensive). So what these scientist at KTH are studying, is a new alloy (mixed metals) from nickel, iron and copper (NiFeCU). Researcher Peili Zhang says that “the new alloy can be used to split water into hydrogen and this catalyst becomes more efficient than the technologies available today, and significantly cheaper.”

Ok, ok the meme above is for the ones who know about cars (PT Cruiser from Chrysler) and also about chemistry (Platinum = Pt) haha… going back to the topic, I emphasize this because it is our duty to understand that our current lifestyle is leading us to negative environmental impacts. Hydrogen has been used not recently, but from some decades ago; for example, NASA uses hydrogen to propel their spaceships to outer space. So yes, that white thing that we see on videos when they send a spaceship to the space, is nothing more than water 😀

Hope you liked the article and if you want to read the information at KTH page, then click here . 

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