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Look at that Butt

Do you smoke? Do you know someone who smokes? There’s a topic that’s been in mind for a couple of weeks that you may find quite interesting. Let’s be clear, this post WILL NOT try to persuade you to quit smoking, but WILL BE about the residues that around 75% of smokers toss on the streets…
Cigarette Butts!

Sweden has the lowest rate when it comes to people who actually smoke cigarette, it’s is only 5% of the population. The reason of that, is that the Swedish Government allow people to buy a thing called “snus” (moist powdered tobacco) that comes in a tinny bag and people put it in their mouths somewhere between the gums and the lips. Still, some people of that 5% manage to toss out the c-butt on the streets.

So as I said it before, I’m not here to make you change your mind about smoking, but at least put the butt in the garbage! Remember that wildlife like birds could eat this residue full of chemicals, but…

The chemicals found in one cigarette butt can leach out and contaminate approximately 7.5 liters of water within one hour.


Want to know more about recycling C-butts? Look at this amazing video from National Geographic about this residue and how it could be recycled 😀 Don’t forget to comment and subscribe!

Cheap Food in Stockholm

Hey peeps! Some of you may know and some may not, but as a student in Sweden we can have tons of discounts on many things, one of them is on food! But why food and discounts are the subject from this post today? Well, using hard data from the Swedish Environment Protection Agency, Swedes generated in 2012 around 127 kg/person of food waste.

Panini Internazionale, offers a variety of salads, paninis, wraps and other things extremely delicious! (well, I do like the food here). The good part is that not only you can find their offer quite tasty, but that they have some pretty good and healthy meals too… sad part, it is not so friendly for a low-budget student; I’m taking about 100 SEK salads, for example…

BUT WAIT!!! DON’T GO!!!! There’s a good part also… as a student… in the last hour before closing, all stores offer all of their products already displayed with a 70% discount! YES 70% DISCOUNT showing your student id (phone or card)!

With this strategy food that could have ended up as waste, now ends up on your table ready to be eaten! Let’s remember that there’s still a fight against world hunger so let’s be aware of what we eat and how much we can actually eat. Prevention is always the best way to cut our waste! Here some pics of what I bought today for 57 SEK (normal price 190 SEK).

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Let’s Have “The” Talk

Where do babies come from? Ok, I think y’all readers actually do know where they come from haha so I’ll skip that part… and well, today’s topic comes from something that has mesmerized me since I arrived here, the amount of baby trolleys EVERYWHERE!

But what’s with the babies? Why talk about babies in a Sustainability Blog? Well peeps, for those wanting to have a family with 2, 3, 4… kids, and as stated in this article (2017) from the British online newspaper, The Independent…

Having children is one of the most destructive things you can to do the environment

Hey! Don’t freak out! I don’t want to be too controversial, but this is true. When we talk about activities that are counterproductive for our future well-being (healthy environment = positive well-being) such as eating meat, having a car, or even traveling by plane (top of the list from Greenhouse Gases emissions), having a baby is far worst than those 3.

Do you like numbers? Let me show you how worst having a baby is for our environment:

  • Plant-base diet saves 0.8 tonnes CO2-equivalents per year.
  • Avoided transatlantic flight saves 1.6 tonnes CO2-equivalents per year.
  • Having one fewer child would save 58.6 tonnes CO2-equivalents per year.

If we want to meet the goals of staying within our “environmental limits”, we should not exceed per person the quantity of 2.1 tonnes annually by the year 2050… 2.1 vs. 58.6… well is not rocket science to notice the difference.

So where do I want to go with this article? Well, I want you to be conscious about having kids. To begin with if they are not planned…common guys! There are many ways to avoid this… can’t think about one? click here. Second, think for alternatives to have a family; what I mean with this, adoption. There are many kids wanting to be part of a family, if your decision is to have one, then give it a chance and change the life of a kid. The third and last one, open your eyes and look at your surroundings, look at the news, look at the current job situation in your country, just look and think, do you really believe that Earth and socio-economic systems can handle the current population growth?

Food for thought, peeps! Let’s fix first our current disconnection with the environment!
Read the article from Lund University about babies and environmental impacts here.

Weather vs. Climate

So it’s been two long weeks since I posted something (and I’m sorry for that). Christmas with family and New Year’s with friends got me at the edge of bankruptcy, gaining some extra kilos and just enjoying my beloved ones, but I’m back peeps! So much has happened since my last post… so I would like to make a comeback with something that made me almost fall down from my chair. Trump’s Dec. 29th tweet. Let’s take a look why…

This tweet is wrong in so many ways; for example, no one should ever praise or encourage for more Global Warming. Secondly, if someone dares to do it, at least I don’t expect it to be the leader of one of the most powerful countries on Earth (I assume he/she would be a high educated person who understands the complex link between Earth and human processes)… and well, the fact that Mr. Trump doesn’t understand the difference between Climate and Local Weather.

Let’s remember what climate and weather are…

Climate refers to how the atmosphere acts over a long period of time.

Weather describes what’s happening on a much shorter time scale.

Then, as our friends from the New York Times said in this article, “climate can be thought of, in a way, as the sum of long periods of weather.”

So peeps, now you know! Remember Climate Change is real and we, humans, DO NOT OWN THIS PLANET, we SHARE IT with other species so lets take care of it all together! Don’t forget to comment, share and subscribe! 😀

Fake or Real?

December is here an deadlines too. As Christmas Eve is heading towards us you might or not have already bought a Christmas tree, but have you ever thought about the environmental footprint of a real vs a fake one? Which one is better for the environment…

As some people may think that buying a fake one will save world, the truth is that fake Christmas trees need to reach a minimum amount of years to become “environmental efficient”.  Dr John Kazer from the Carbon Trust stated in an article for BBC News (2016), that…

If you have an artificial tree at home you would need to reuse it for at least 10 Christmases to keep its environmental impact lower than that of a real tree

As written in the article, Dr. Kazer said that a 2m artificial tree has a carbon footprint equivalent to 40kg of greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than twice that of a real tree that ends its life in landfill – and more than 10 times that of real trees that are burnt.

What do you think? Have you already decorated yours? At my place, my roomies and I already have! 😀 Don’t forget to subscribe and to comment!