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How Fast How Clean

Choo choo! All aboard! Today’s topic is about transportation and more specifically Swedish trains. Despite the complains from some locals about the “quality” and sometimes “delayed” trains (like couple of minutes delayed trains…) I have found the Swedish transportation amazing. Let’s remember that I come from Mexico where there is only 1 (yes one) train in the North of the country and where public transportation looks like (yes, this is a public bus in Mexico City)…

Sweden is a country that has more than 50% of its territory cover by forest, has a “tax relief” since 2005 for the power-intensive industries in order for them to change to renewable and decrease their energy consumption, and more than 50 % of the total energy demand comes from renewables. When it comes to electricity, Sweden manages to use less than 1 % of fossil fuels… but why is this important? Well, SJ (Swedish train company) claims that the entire Swedish train system runs on RENEWABLES!

 SJ trains only buy renewable electricity from hydroelectric and wind-powered sources, the trains cause minimal emissions.

But that’s not the only thing they manage to do right… you want to dispose some garbage? Well, you better know how to separate!

What do you think about Swedish transportation? Awesome right? So far it seems that they are doing everything that is possible to maintain their environmental impact at its lowest! So how is it in your country? Don’t forget to subscribe or comment!

Seasonal Food

Hey peeps, sorry for taken a bit to write, but I just came back from an incredible trip to Mexico (if you are new here, I’m Mexican)! The trip was more than amazing cause I had the chance to enjoy my family and friends after 9 months of living abroad… family, friends, and FOOD! Just as a “fyi”, Mexican cuisine is considered “cultural heritage” by UNESCO (it’s super tasty… sometimes super spicy too haha).

While in Mexico, a cool topic came to my mind… “seasonal food”. The definition of this type of food varies from authors. For example, some described it as food not only grown in a determined region, but food produced in its “natural growing season”; some even understand the meaning as food that is eaten at a certain time of the year (e.g. Christmas). Nevertheless, I do want to think that the ultimate “sustainable seasonal food” is the one locally produced, locally consumed, grown during its “natural” time of the year, and of course with a low use of fertilizers.

Ok, now I do have to admit that is kind of hard (at least for me) to know when is the “correct” season for each fruit or vegetable that I buy; nevertheless, I learnt that knowing this is actually important not only for my economy, but for the planet too. For example, as a direct impact of eating seasonal food is that you’ll be saving some [insert any currency] each time you go to the supermarket. This is based on the increased work load that an off-season product will take in order to make it grow (this by means of many factors).

To understand how this could be evaluated at an environmental level, we have to understand the tool that is used to measure a product’s impact: life cycle assessment (LCA). This tool is a technique that evaluates a product’s supply chain; in the case of food, we are talking about the environmental impacts of farming activities, packaging, transportation, and waste (just to name some). So how eating seasonal food helps the planet? Buying seasonal food could mean

  • Supporting local suppliers.. common! Let’s boost local economies!
  • Decreasing transportation greenhouse gases emissions… still waiting for Musk’s e-trucks haha
  • Decreasing the use of chemicals (hence land/water pollution)… do I need to talk about eutrophication?
  • Eating fresher products… (fruit taste better in Mexico haha)

Yeah, that was me in Mexico posing with a Jackfruit haha… but going back to the topic, next time you think about eating strawberries in February, think twice and don’t forget to look after your planet! Click here for a seasonal fruit table! 😀 





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Royal Gifts

This post is related to the next 2 questions, how productive was your week at work/school and do you remember what was your last birthday present? Well, for King’s Carl XVI Gustaf 70th birthday (2016), he received as present solar panels! Yes, solar panels haha

As it might seem weird to receive this kind of present, it seems the King was pretty happy about it; nevertheless, he had to wait 2 years to actually be allowed to install them. Why? Well, they are currently being installed over the Royal Palace in center Stockholm and as any other protected building by national heritage laws, this was no exception. King Carl had to wait for the Swedish National Heritage Board to accept the installation once they were sure that the panels will not be seen from the ground (you will be able to see them flying over Stockholm).

And now, why did I ask about your productivity? As a matter of fact, King Carl was helping installing them! Yes, he was at the roof of the palace (all suit & tie) helping the workers install his “new” toy. The installation of more than 500 panels will be expected to be carried out over the next 6 weeks. How cool is your King/Prime Minister/President/etc? I don’t think as cool as him haha!

This all goes by the hand with Sweden’s goal of being 100% powered by renewables by 2040. Let’s remember that solar energy accounts for less than 1 % of the total energy mix and that Sweden is highly dependent on hydro and nuclear energy. So, do you think it was an awesome bday gift or nej? Remember fossil fuels are not forever nor environmental friendly 🙁 …. so how’s your country doing in renewables? Sweden is an all-in country in the renewable energy sector <3

Happy Earth Day

No, peeps. It is not today, it was yesterday! Earth day is celebrated on April 22; nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and also acknowledge the environmental pollution and take care of your planet everyday, not only on a specific day.

Our friends from have a super interesting quiz section where you can see for yourself how much do you know about environmental issues such as climate change, clean energy, deforestation, etc. I tell you that it is interesting, because me and some friends were actually playing to answer the different quizzes … while having some fika (coffee and pastries). Want to see how much you know about this? CLICK HERE! 😀

But why is this day important? Why everyone should be concern about how we are polluting our home… well, here’s a glance of the latest environmental news…

  • A 6-ton sperm whale appeared on the shores of southern Spain with 30 kg of plastic in its stomach.
  • The last male northern white rhino, Sudan, died in March at the age of 45
  • Heat wave in the Arctic. In the middle of winter. For the third year in a row :O

So yeah, it’s not like we are doomed (at least is what I decided to believe), but we must not continue having the same level of negative impact as the one we are currently having! Plastic bags, plastic straws, unsustainable consumption, etc. are some of the problems that we should be focusing on reducing! Be positive and be the best sustainable version of yourselves! Happy late Earth day! <3

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Green Week at KTH ’18

Yes Stockholmers! This is the 2′ time that our friends from THS bring this amazing creation to us! Green week is going to be here from the 27 April till the 8 May with amazing lunch lectures, mingles, breakfasts and more! You can’t let pass the opportunity to participate in this environmental [super] friendly week.

But what’s the aim of this amazing week happing at KTH? Well, first of all this is an event created by students for students! They want to connect both professionals and students interested in sustainable development to detonate innovative ideas and provide meeting places to share these ideas! I have also heard that Al Gore may stop by…

No… just kidding, maybe for next year’s meeting, but in the meantime check how’s this week looking like…

Feeling keen about participating? Find more information here. Don’t forget to follow and share to be tuned with future events happening in Stockholm!