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Green Week at KTH ’18

Yes Stockholmers! This is the 2′ time that our friends from THS bring this amazing creation to us! Green week is going to be here from the 27 April till the 8 May with amazing lunch lectures, mingles, breakfasts and more! You can’t let pass the opportunity to participate in this environmental [super] friendly week.

But what’s the aim of this amazing week happing at KTH? Well, first of all this is an event created by students for students! They want to connect both professionals and students interested in sustainable development to detonate innovative ideas and provide meeting places to share these ideas! I have also heard that Al Gore may stop by…

No… just kidding, maybe for next year’s meeting, but in the meantime check how’s this week looking like…

Feeling keen about participating? Find more information here. Don’t forget to follow and share to be tuned with future events happening in Stockholm!

Movie Night

In what it seems a not so distant future, life on Earth as we now it is over-run by all the garbage that we produced during hundred of years in this amazing movie from Disney, Wall-E. Our friends from KTH Environmental Humanities Lab bring to us as their last session of the Stories and Seeds film-forums this movie next April 18th @ 18:00 KTH Biblioteket. This last session will be hosted by Sabine Höhler, physicist and historian who currently heads the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment at KTH. Haven’t heard about the movie, watch the trailer down here…

Admission is free, and a refreshment will be served to the attendees during the event.

Sounds super cool, right? If you haven’t been able to attend past movies, this is your last chance! Do you want more information? Click here and add your event to your FB calendar. See you there!

Autonomous Cars

What about autonomous cars? Pretty sure that if you are into artificial intelligence, you will this post. But what could this breakthrough could actually mean for sustainability?

Efficiency. This is key to achieve sustainability in my own point of view. People need to be efficient in the use of resources and how they manage them; whether it is money or natural resources, efficiency plays a key role here. Driverless cars could not only make more efficient transportation, for example, the Swedish Environmental Agency estimates that around 30% of the national greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions come from this sector, but they could also mean a solution for traffic jams, lower car accidents, and an efficient use of fuels through different algorithms.

What does KTH have to do with this? Well, it’s been almost 2 months since the Swedish Transportation Agency launched to the streets the first two driverless bus here in Stockholm. How did this happen? Well, these busses going between Kista mall and Victoria Tower are the result of a six-month project collaboration from Nobina (bus company) together with Ericsson, SJ, KTH, Klövern, Urban ICT Arena and Stockholm City.

I don’t know about you Stockholmers, but I’m really curious that I may plan a quick trip to travel with them before the trial period ends. Definitely this type of technology is still under probation for major improvements, but I’m pretty confident that this will reduce (maybe a lot) the environmental footprint of the transportation sector worldwide. Would you like to see this in your city? Don’t forget to subscribe and to leave comments! 😀

Music Tech Fest

Hey Stockholmers and peeps from KTH, got a tip from our friends of PR at KTH about this amazing MTF coming up in September! What is this ? Well, Music Tech Fest is a

giant creative laboratory featuring music hacking, a research symposium, workshops, demos, performances by internationally renowned artists and industry showcases that connect artists, technologists and businesses in a unique and vibrant environment.

Confused about MTF? If you are into music, science, media, making, prototyping, or if you have ideas for entirely new products and business models, this is for you. Do you want to get more info? Click here!!! What will you obtain from this experience?

  • Collaborate with artists and other creators on unique new challenges
  • Experience awesome performances by world-renowned music artists
  • Engage in a global research community that explores the boundaries of interaction with physical objects
  • Experiment with new forms of expression and communication

Still doubting? Just let me highlight the magnitude of this event, because it has been held in many locations around the world including the Barbican in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Microsoft NERD labs in Cambridge MA and Funkhaus in Berlin.

See you there Stockholmers and don’t forget to visit MTF’s official page for application!

Let’s talk about Stockholm

Hey peeps! I know, I know, I’ve been trying to do my best to balance private life, assignments, test, and of course this incredible space for all of us where I share sustainability-related topics. As some of you may know, here at KTH, we just entered last week the dark zone of deadlines and final exams… yay! (said no one ever), crazy never-ending reports, long assignments and preparation for exams…

But well, let’s get to the topic… Stockholm! As you all know I’ve living in this amazing city for about 7 months now… what!… ok time is going really fast hehe but I’ve learnt so many thing from it. As a leading city in sustainable innovation, Stockholm is investing in not only bright minds to spread environmental knowledge, but in the city itself to be sustainable for the next generations.

This topic is simple, I want to show you a really cool video that Stockholms Stad made for one of the most sustainable neighborhood here, Hammarby Sjöstad (pretty sure you pronounce it wrong, actually no one knows how to do it. Kidding. Not really haha). This neighborhood is being totally renovated with different insight of how to make it sustainable in all ways possible.

Want to know more about this? Click here and read this article about Fossil Fuel-Free Stockholm and how this city is tackling climate change!