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Roundtable to Save the World

Hey Stockholmers have you already followed on FB our friends from KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory? If not, do it now! Why? So you don’t miss the cool events they plan constantly for all of us!

Their next event will be taking place next Tuesday (Feb 20th) at Arena Idé (nearest station Hötorget) and is going to be a public event where researchers and practitioners in the field of climate change and migration in the urban realm will present their ideas and scenarios on how to respond holistically to these 2 issues. This event will be moderated by Ileana lengo from KTH and will have Renato Accorinti Mayor of Messina, Ashley Dawson City University of New York and Princeton Environment Institute, Eleonora de Mayo City Counsellor of Napoli, Toni Ridas Barcelona en comú, and Lise Sedrez Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro as participants.

Don’t forget to check the event for more information and register to take part in this amazing experience!

International Sustainable Campus Network

Hey peeps! Just received the news that KTH will be hosting the 12th annual International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) conference in June. What is ISCN? Well, ISCN is…

a non-profit association of globally leading colleges and universities representing over 30 countries and working together to holistically integrate sustainability into campus operations, research and teaching.

Last year this conference was held by our Canadian fellows from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, so now that it will be held here in Sthlm, are you interested in having free access to the conferences (worth 3,300 SEK)? Do you want to share and have lunch for free during the day? Click here to get more info on how you can contribute to get this and more!

It is important that for you to apply, you must be an undergraduate, Masters, or Ph.D. student at KTH during the time of the conference.

Find more information about ISCN here.

Cheap Food in Stockholm

Hey peeps! Some of you may know and some may not, but as a student in Sweden we can have tons of discounts on many things, one of them is on food! But why food and discounts are the subject from this post today? Well, using hard data from the Swedish Environment Protection Agency, Swedes generated in 2012 around 127 kg/person of food waste.

Panini Internazionale, offers a variety of salads, paninis, wraps and other things extremely delicious! (well, I do like the food here). The good part is that not only you can find their offer quite tasty, but that they have some pretty good and healthy meals too… sad part, it is not so friendly for a low-budget student; I’m taking about 100 SEK salads, for example…

BUT WAIT!!! DON’T GO!!!! There’s a good part also… as a student… in the last hour before closing, all stores offer all of their products already displayed with a 70% discount! YES 70% DISCOUNT showing your student id (phone or card)!

With this strategy food that could have ended up as waste, now ends up on your table ready to be eaten! Let’s remember that there’s still a fight against world hunger so let’s be aware of what we eat and how much we can actually eat. Prevention is always the best way to cut our waste! Here some pics of what I bought today for 57 SEK (normal price 190 SEK).

Suscribe and don’t forget to share! Until next time, peeps!

Movie Night at KTH

KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory brings to you, Stockholmers, the fourth of their monthly film forum series! This time will be presented at KTH Bibliotek on the 16th January at 18:00; you know what this means? Free admission and free refreshments! 

The movie that will be presented this time is called “Expedition to the End of the World” and will be chaired by Miyase Christensen, professor of Media and Communication Studies at KTH and Stockholm University and editor-in-chief of “Popular Communication: International Journal of Media and Culture”. Find the trailer down here…

Want to add it to your agenda? Click here and see the FB event!
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R is for Recycle

Sorry for the delay and lack of continuous post, peeps! This pasts weeks have been all about deadlines/final projects/home exams/party… oh no, no parties (kidding). Well, I’m back and I have an interesting topic, recycling! 

What about recycling in Sweden? Stockholmers, have you seen the little square saying “PANT 1 or 2 kr” next to the bar code on the PET bottle? Or have you seen it printed on the beer can you were drinking on your way to the club? (btw is not allowed to drink in the streets here). Well, this “PANT” is the deposit you are paying (EXTRA) from the normal price of your beverage to encourage you to return the bottle back (for it to be recycled). Some people may find it like kinda non-sense when you just drink a bottle of Loka and have to go back to these special machines to get your one or two krona(s) back… but what about when you collect 10, 20 or 50 bottle; then, you have enough reason to get some money back and help the environment. 

So far in OECD’s 2015 Environment at a Glance report Sweden appeared in 6th place, why? well… the reason is that Swedes burn around 50% of their household waste to power “cleaner” energy production and generate heat for the houses; still, it’s quite awesome their efficiency when it comes to recycling taking into consideration less than 1% ending buried in landfills.

No Ryan Gosling but close enough me recycling here in Sweden haha 😀

How’s recycling in your countries? Be conscious with OUR environment and try to always recycle! 😀