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Sustainable Fisheries

Hey peeps, I bring to you another experience from a field trip that I had the last weekend with some of my classmates, a trip to Sotenäs Industrial Symbiosis Network (northern Gothenburg – west coast).  The aim of this trip was to see and understand how the community of little less than 10,000 people has managed to achieve high levels of sustainability in different sectors… for purpose of awesomeness and innovation, I’ll be focusing the post one of the fisheries that we visited.

But why fishing is a concern for not only environmentalist, but for you reader who loves eating fresh nordic salmon or you who enjoys a delicious fish ceviche… well, overfishing (capturing more adult fishes than the ones needed to replenish the population)  is a very real situation all around the world, where more than 70 % of Earth’s fish stocks suffer from OVEREXPLOITATION. One of the main reasons is called by-catch, which means that fishermen use unsustainable gears that capture different aquatic species than only fish; species, that are not the ones meant to fish such as turtles, sharks, seabirds, youngfish, corals, etc.  But wait a minute, not everything is lost! Look at the image below…

What you are seeing is a sustainable gear used in a fishery in Sotenäs! Why is this technology sustainable? Well, now you have to strongly use your imagination haha…. Desired fish (for example large cods) enter through an open space in the bottom-right part of the image. Then, they are trapped in the second compartment (the one behind the yellow part) thanks to the large space on top this yellow part. Of course, there are other smaller fishes entering the net with other marine creatures as the ones named above; nevertheless, the net is designed in a way (sorry for the bad quality of the picture) where the different diameter holes make it easier for smaller species (or not desired ones) to scape the net and stay in the ocean.

Well, in conclusion what they are doing there is awesome! They created this net for it to only catch the fishes they needed, but in a way of not killing other species while letting the small ones to grow naturally and restore the balance to the system. Moreover, they told us that at least in the EU zone, there are strong laws on fishing practices,

  • They can’t discard unwanted fish (another problem that affects ecosystems as they throw away dead overfished creatures that pollute the ecosystem),
  • Each region has a maximum amount on weight for fishing, in a way to preserve the ecosystem… they better use sustainable practices to maximize their catch don’t you think?

Remember that you should eat sustainably as well and  about the practices behind the dish your are about to eat. Let’s just stay with the fact that over 3 billion people depend on seafood, so let’s invest in sustainable practices!

Cheap Food in Stockholm

Hey peeps! Some of you may know and some may not, but as a student in Sweden we can have tons of discounts on many things, one of them is on food! But why food and discounts are the subject from this post today? Well, using hard data from the Swedish Environment Protection Agency, Swedes generated in 2012 around 127 kg/person of food waste.

Panini Internazionale, offers a variety of salads, paninis, wraps and other things extremely delicious! (well, I do like the food here). The good part is that not only you can find their offer quite tasty, but that they have some pretty good and healthy meals too… sad part, it is not so friendly for a low-budget student; I’m taking about 100 SEK salads, for example…

BUT WAIT!!! DON’T GO!!!! There’s a good part also… as a student… in the last hour before closing, all stores offer all of their products already displayed with a 70% discount! YES 70% DISCOUNT showing your student id (phone or card)!

With this strategy food that could have ended up as waste, now ends up on your table ready to be eaten! Let’s remember that there’s still a fight against world hunger so let’s be aware of what we eat and how much we can actually eat. Prevention is always the best way to cut our waste! Here some pics of what I bought today for 57 SEK (normal price 190 SEK).

Suscribe and don’t forget to share! Until next time, peeps!

Quick Tip!

Do you believe in Karma? I do! And it’s fantastic! No peeps, I’m not talking about the consequences the universe will be throwing at you for cheating on your bf/gf, I’m talking about Karma, Swedish app that helps to reduce the food being wasted. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO):

Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted.

But whats the magic part with this app? By using karma, you’ll get the chance to be in contact with restaurants, bakeries, and other food stores that will offer you huge discounts at an specific time and place of the day for their surplus of food, saving significant amounts of products going to the trash (e.g. sandwiches, muffins, cakes, etc). Here is a screen capture of how the pages looks 😀

Unfortunately, Karma comes with a price; the price of having a Swedish bank account, thus you must have also a personal number (really complicated system in here, right?). Why? Cause the app is only in the Swedish app store (at least for iPhone). Feeling wild? Ask a Swedish friend to lend his/her credit card! Haha tell them is for a good cause!

Do you have any app like this in your country? Remember to follow and comment! 😀