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Royal Gifts

This post is related to the next 2 questions, how productive was your week at work/school and do you remember what was your last birthday present? Well, for King’s Carl XVI Gustaf 70th birthday (2016), he received as present solar panels! Yes, solar panels haha

As it might seem weird to receive this kind of present, it seems the King was pretty happy about it; nevertheless, he had to wait 2 years to actually be allowed to install them. Why? Well, they are currently being installed over the Royal Palace in center Stockholm and as any other protected building by national heritage laws, this was no exception. King Carl had to wait for the Swedish National Heritage Board to accept the installation once they were sure that the panels will not be seen from the ground (you will be able to see them flying over Stockholm).

And now, why did I ask about your productivity? As a matter of fact, King Carl was helping installing them! Yes, he was at the roof of the palace (all suit & tie) helping the workers install his “new” toy. The installation of more than 500 panels will be expected to be carried out over the next 6 weeks. How cool is your King/Prime Minister/President/etc? I don’t think as cool as him haha!

This all goes by the hand with Sweden’s goal of being 100% powered by renewables by 2040. Let’s remember that solar energy accounts for less than 1 % of the total energy mix and that Sweden is highly dependent on hydro and nuclear energy. So, do you think it was an awesome bday gift or nej? Remember fossil fuels are not forever nor environmental friendly 🙁 …. so how’s your country doing in renewables? Sweden is an all-in country in the renewable energy sector <3

Music Tech Fest

Hey Stockholmers and peeps from KTH, got a tip from our friends of PR at KTH about this amazing MTF coming up in September! What is this ? Well, Music Tech Fest is a

giant creative laboratory featuring music hacking, a research symposium, workshops, demos, performances by internationally renowned artists and industry showcases that connect artists, technologists and businesses in a unique and vibrant environment.

Confused about MTF? If you are into music, science, media, making, prototyping, or if you have ideas for entirely new products and business models, this is for you. Do you want to get more info? Click here!!! What will you obtain from this experience?

  • Collaborate with artists and other creators on unique new challenges
  • Experience awesome performances by world-renowned music artists
  • Engage in a global research community that explores the boundaries of interaction with physical objects
  • Experiment with new forms of expression and communication

Still doubting? Just let me highlight the magnitude of this event, because it has been held in many locations around the world including the Barbican in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Microsoft NERD labs in Cambridge MA and Funkhaus in Berlin.

See you there Stockholmers and don’t forget to visit MTF’s official page for application!