V for Volos!!!

The last city I planned to visit before going back to Stockholm was Volos. Volos is located 320km north of Athens and it is one of the few cities that combine sea and mountain pleasure in a very close distance. For this reason, Volos is an attractive destination all year long that covers various needs of its visitors. I should say that I have a personal connection to this city because my grandmother’s heritage comes from Volos. She moved to Athens to get married in a young age, but all her 11 siblings stayed in Volos and created their own families. As you can imagine, nowadays I have numerous uncles, aunts and cousins to visit, therefore I go to Volos at least twice a year.

Volos has a special admirable quality that I appreciate, that is why I would choose to live there if Sweden hadn’t changed my daily life the last two years now. A great part of Volos population is students, a fact that makes the city being alive and especially focused on shaping a cultural way of living. Also, Volos is probably the most bike-friendly city of Greece. The city’s infrastructure is getting improved year by year in order to host even more bicycle lovers and eventually approach the European standards.

Another characteristic of my beloved city is a special kind of tavern. They are called “tsipouradika” to honor the traditional drink “tsipouro”, which is a strong distilled spirit containing 40-45% alcohol by volume and is produced from the pomace. Tsipouro comes in two kinds; pure or anise-flavored and it is particularly produced in the broader area of Thessaly. These taverns serve tsipouro, which is accompanied with fresh seafood appetizers.

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5 thoughts on “V for Volos!!!

  1. chen chen

    HELLO~Alexia GKika

    Good evening. My name is Chen CHEN. I am a doctoral student majoring in Architecture in Kumamoto University in Japan. Sorry to trouble you suddenly. In fact, I got your information from the homepage of KTH and would like to visit KTH for a month as a visiting scholar.

    I have do the research of the elderly facility for 4 years in Japan and Sweden is well known for the system of aging society so that I really want to learn something in KTH for month. But I don’t know if it is available that I can go to KTH for one month. And the expenses can be supported by my university.

    It will be great help if you can provide me the information. Thank you very much.

  2. Stavros Gkekas

    Καλησπέρα Αλεξια.Χαρηκα παρα πολύ όταν διαβασα την αναφορα σου για τον Βολο.
    Το Πηλιο πιστευω πως είναι ευλογημενο μερος με τον μοναδικο αυτό συνδυασμο Βουνου και θαλασας.Ευλογημενοι οσοι ζουμε σ αυτόν τον τοπο.
    Σημερα 09.01.2014 19c με ηλιο.Σ ευχαριστω και προσωπικα γι αυτή σου την αναφορα.
    Με εκτιμηση από τον ηλιολουστο Βολο
    Σταυρος Γκεκας.

  3. Stavros Gkekas

    Hello Alexia.
    I was very happy when I read your report to Volos.
    This part of land (Pelion) is blessed with this unique combination of mountain and sea.
    I am very happy that I live in this place.
    Today 09.01.2014 19c sunny .
    Personally thank you for that report.
    Sincerely from sunny Volos
    Best Regards
    Stavros Gkekas.

  4. Alexia Gkika Post author

    Hello Chen Chen,

    I am very glad my blog posts reach the other side of the world. Your plan sounds possible to be but I will need to forward your questions to my supervisors who are in charge to approve your visit. Some months ago, I got involved to a lighting project for elderly. I learned a lot on the swedish elderly system and I think that as an approach is indeed innovative and worths to investigate. I will come back to you soon in regards to your request.

    Have a great day,

  5. Alexia Gkika Post author

    Hello Stavro,
    It is the least I can do for the city I feel as my second-hometown. I have spent wonderful moments there and I keep them deep in my heart and think about them in difficult and stressful moments of my daily life. And, yes you should feel lucky to live there, the life quality is on another level. Dont miss one chance to get some sun!

    Kind regards,

    p.s. I hope its ok I replied for both comments in one. Since it is an international blog, it is recommended to keep the comments in english. 😉

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