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SPHERE – a Podcast on the Evolution of Global Environmental Governance

It is a new week at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment and this one begins with the official launch of the SPHERE podcast – produced by our very own Eric Paglia.

About the Podcast:

SPHERE is a podcast that investigates the historical evolution of global environmental governance through in-depth discussions with a wide array of scholars, scientists, and practitioners—including politicians, diplomats and other government officials—who have played decisive roles in shaping the course of environmental politics, science and activism over the past half century or more.

In the first episode, with 1948 as a starting point, Eric talks to prof. Sverker Sörlin on “the idea of “the environment” emerged at the outset of a radical reconfiguration of the human-environment relationship precipitated by an unprecedented post-war economic expansion that put enormous pressure on ecosystems and the Earth.”

Tune in here: or simply listen below

Eric is a researcher at the Divison, he successfully defended his thesis “The Northward Course of the Anthropocene: Transformation, Temporality and Telecoupling in a Time of Environmental Crisis” with us in 2016 and since then holds a PhD in History of Science, Technology and Environment. On top of this, he is a radio host, and a rock n roll music lover.

Sverker is a professor of Environmental History at the Division, an author, writer, frequent debater and outdoor sports entusiast with an inexhaustible source of energy.

The SPHERE project is a historical study of humanity’s relation to planetary conditions and constraints and how it has become understood as a governance issue.

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