A lively week – but great fun!

Some weeks are livelier and more enjoyable than others – like last week! Running from one meeting to the other like a squirrel is not always that fun but last week was actually very rewarding in that respect. Sometimes it just feels like a giant jig-saw puzzle that needs to be put together but without … Continue reading “A lively week – but great fun!”

How are things at ITM?

It will soon be time for a new ”MUS” employee survey. “MUS” can be seen as a temperature gauge that tells us about the general atmosphere at the workplace and how we balance our jobs with our leisure time. To get the best possible picture it is important that as many people as possible answer … Continue reading “How are things at ITM?”

A milestone to be reached this week!

I was about to dedicate this blog piece to the fact that the team behind the development of our campus in Södertälje will reach a major milestone this week, but I did not need to because our president has already highlighted it! See the president’s letter. A few names are mentioned in the weekly president’s … Continue reading “A milestone to be reached this week!”

PhD student conference coming up

April 27-28 the ITM conference for PhD students will be held at Skogshem&Wijk on Lidingö. As last year, the main theme is Gender and Diversity. Associate Professor Charlotte Holgersson will talk about gender and diversity in organizations and give us the opportunity to think about and reflect upon our own working environment and discuss with … Continue reading “PhD student conference coming up”

ITM is working to secure your working environment and to provide wellness activities to promote your health!

The working environment for the personnel and the student is an important part of ITM’s work. At Dean’s office we have weekly meetings between me, Annika Lilja and Sofia Granberg and sometimes even other persons to discuss the progress regarding our systematic work focusing on the different part of the environment. During the last two … Continue reading “ITM is working to secure your working environment and to provide wellness activities to promote your health!”