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Some news regarding ITM’s efforts to improve the work environment and some updates on the faculty situation

Safety inspections at ITM

As we have talked about earlier in this blog, the working environment for the personnel and the student’s is an important part of ITM’s work. As part of our systematic work focusing on the working environment, we have completed the safety inspections at each department under the lead of each department head and with the support of Sofia Granberg at Dean’s Office. From the department, the local health and safety representative as well as people responsible for chemicals, fire protections and laboratories participated. In addition, Ulf Götbrant participated, he is an engineer from the company Avonova, who are experts in issues related to the working environment especially in laboratories. After each inspection a report is written which states weak parts that need to be corrected in order to improve the environment as which environmental law in Sweden that requires that this improvement needs to be done. At the end of the day, the department head and the health and safety representative signs this document. Thereafter, it is the department heads responsibility to follow up these weak points to make sure that they are corrected during this year. If you wish to obtain more details from this document you can contact your department head or health and safety representative.

Environment al goals

We have also suggested some new environmental goals for the coming years within the areas of organization and leadership, research travel, chemicals, etc. These are described in detail at the intranet.


I have some news regarding the faculty. Torkel Strömstedt has been appointed as a Guest Professor in Industrial Economy with the Focus on Economy Control. He will be working at the Department of Industrial Economy and Management. Also, Jennie Björk has obtained the title Docent in Product Innovations.  She is working at the Department of Machine Design.

Finally, I must say that I was quite shocked this weekend when I went to a family reunion outside Ludvika. It was very cold and it had snowed almost 10 cm! during the night. Snow in May! I long for the summer!, as I guess most of you do?

Pär Jönsson, Vice Dean