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Exciting educational events focused on important development areas

This week I have some new and exciting educational events to tell you about. At first I would like to emphasize that all ITMs teachers will have access to a digital coach for the first six months of 2019.

Jonas Thorén  is a media pedagogue, coach and producer that will devote one day a week to help ITMs faculty to design and produce digital teaching material. Jonas can for instance help us with:

  • Tutorials when recoding video lectures
  • Tutorials when editing recorded material
  • Powerpointdesign for e-learning
  • ”Storytelling” and different media formats for e-learning
  • Access to handbooks, guides and templates for e-learning
  • And many more things

So, if you’re interested in getting some good ideas on how to digitalize your teaching please contact Jonas at

One of the things that Jonas already has helped ITM faculty with is producing three videos focused on gender and equality. The videos were recorded by Charlotte Holgersson, Anna Wahl and Alice Marshall together with Jonas. I’m one of the seminar leaders within the Prosam course and therefore I got to view these excellent videos and then had the pleasure to discuss them with the students (attending their first year in the I-program). Their insights, reflections and suggestions for strategies to create a more inclusive environment was amazing. So, if you want to both get some insights on a useful JML educational element, as well as a good example of what our digital coach can help us create, take a look at the videos by using the following links (but they are in Swedish):

Finally I would like to promote that KTH is arranging the third SoTL conference in March 2019. The conference will take place at KTH, Campus Valhallavägen in Stockholm, 28-29 of March. If you want to know more about the conference please check out this website:

Deputy Head of School & Director of First and Second Cycle Education