Greetings for the new year

Do you remember what it felt like to open a brand new paper calendar? Every sheet a clean page, completely blank, no doodles, no “to do” lists. Gradually you filled it up by hand. This is still how I feel today when I return to work after the Christmas break, but there are no blank … Continue reading “Greetings for the new year”

Almost at the finish line!

The last part of the year places big pressure on the Dean’s Office (DO) Administration often deals with aiming for the finish – the cycle must be completed before the end of the year. In the best case scenario, the salary reviews will be complete. The financial books will close and the 2016 budget will … Continue reading “Almost at the finish line!”

Hello there ITM!

There’s a first time for everything it seems, even at my age…. Together with the administrative management, I’m really looking forward to being involved in the ITM blog from now on. We’ve recently been audited by the Swedish National Audit Office as well as the KTH internal audit unit on how we manage contracts related … Continue reading “Hello there ITM!”