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Precious Materials of Interaction at Nordes’15

Some of the design explorations from the project, form studies done by metal artist Emma Rapp, presented at the conference exhibition. 

Our latest work from the PMI project was presented both as a full paper/talk and as demonstrators at the Nordes’15 conference at Konstfack, June 7-10, 2015. Please read the paper!

TITLE: Precious Materials of Interaction – Exploring Interactive Accessories as Jewellery Items

ABSTRACT In this paper we present a series of design explorations on the theme of wearable and mobile technology through the lens of jewellery design. This is done by looking at properties of traditional fine jewellery in terms of material considerations and crafting processes, as well as considerations related to patterns of wear and interaction. By using jewellery as a point of departure, both theoretically and practically, we discuss four topics: a) the gestalt of electronic artefacts versus jewellery design, b) material preciousness, c) interactive properties of physical materials, and d) jewellery usage as an inspiration for new interactive designs.

Link to paper