We are going to TEI!

Our group got two full papers accepted at TEI’16! Both incidentally about interactive carpets:

  • The first, Alfombra Appliqué, is a remake of a 10 year old system, Patcher, for children’s shared, co-located making on interactive animated play worlds. The focus in the paper is on how available technology, which is shifting over time, shapes design efforts and in turn also the user interactions and experiences.
    Bergsmark, Moa and Fernaeus, Ylva. From Patchwork to Appliqué: Reflections from an Interaction Design Remake. TEI’16. ACM (forthcoming) 
  • The second, the Soma mat, is an exploration on the use of thermal stimuli in body
    awareness exercises. The paper brings forth an alternative understanding of heat
    as a design material that extends the common understanding of thermal stimuli in HCI.
    Jonsson, M., Ståhl, A., Mercurio, J., Naveen, Höök K., The aesthetics of heat: Guiding awareness with thermal stimuli. TEI’16. ACM (forthcoming)