WoodenHaptics gains interest

The open source hardware project WoodenHaptics just had its 20th users-to-be signed up on the project website. WoodenHaptics is a starting kit for crafting spatial haptic devices, which can be used to interact with computer-generated objects through the sense of touch. In an effort to spread this technology and build a community of device designers the blueprints of … Continue reading “WoodenHaptics gains interest”

We are going to CHI!

Our group got no less that four full papers accepted to CHI this year: Challenging the Car Norm: Opportunities for ICT to Support Sustainable Transportation Practices. By Hanna Hasselqvist, Mia Hesselgren & Cristian Bogdan Somaesthetic Appreciation Design, By Kristina Höök, Marin Jonsson, Anna Ståhl and Johanna Mercurio Repurposing Bits and Pieces of the Digital. By Simbelis, Höök, … Continue reading “We are going to CHI!”