Monthly Archives: December 2015

WoodenHaptics gains interest

WoodenHaptics devices

The open source hardware project WoodenHaptics just had its 20th users-to-be signed up on the project website. WoodenHaptics is a starting kit for crafting spatial haptic devices, which can be used to interact with computer-generated objects through the sense of touch. In an effort to spread this technology and build a community of device designers the blueprints of the device is available for free, and we are gathering interest to see if providing a complete assembly kit would make sense as well. So far 20 users-to-be have shown interest, so this might actually happen. But first Jonas has to finish his thesis!

We are going to CHI!

Our group got no less that four full papers accepted to CHI this year:

  • Challenging the Car Norm: Opportunities for ICT to Support Sustainable Transportation Practices. By Hanna Hasselqvist, Mia Hesselgren & Cristian Bogdan
  • Somaesthetic Appreciation Design, By Kristina Höök, Marin Jonsson, Anna Ståhl and Johanna Mercurio
  • Repurposing Bits and Pieces of the Digital. By Simbelis, Höök, Ferreira, Laaksolathi, Kosmack Vaara
  • Expanding on Wabi-Sabi as a Design Resource in HCI. By Vasiliki Tsaknaki & Ylva Fernaeus