New research funding from SSF

Our research group, together with researchers at SICS and Stockholm University, has received a generous grant from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, for a large research project on the topic of “Smart Implicit Interaction”. In total, we received 33 MSEK, which will be shared between the three institutions, over the course of five years. The active researchers from our group will be Kristina Höök and Ylva Fernaeus, together with one new PhD student and postdocs.

About the project: We are at the stage of personal computing before the desktop metaphor, the Internet before hypertext, or mobile computing before touch interfaces. In short, IoT lacks its killer interface paradigm. What is needed is not a new vision of the smart home or the smart city, we need environments that make us smart. In an environment that makes us smart, our activities drive and change the smart objects around us at the same time as they continuously adapt to us – creating for a new interface paradigm we call smart implicit interaction. Implicit interactions stay in the background, thriving on data analysis of speech, movements, and other contextual data, avoiding to unnecessarily disturb us or grab our attention. When we turn to them, depending on context and functionality, they either shift into an explicit interaction – engaging us in a classical interaction dialogue (but in a state based on the analysis of the context at hand) – or they continue to engage us implicitly using entirely different modalities that do not require an explicit dialogue – that is through the ways we move or engage in other tasks. The demonstrator of this project consists of three key building blocks – the interaction toolkit, the smart data layer and a set of design exemplars for the Smart Garden, Smart Body and Smart Street domain. Each of these domains fits with important contemporary consumer and industrial concerns and will help to answer our fundamental interactional research goals.

Link to project information page at SSF