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Meet our new Associate Professor in Sustainable Production


Jouni Korhonen

Our new Associate Professor in the area of Sustainable Production started on January 18th 2017. Jouni Korhonen has a strong ambition to develop the initiatives of KTH Södertälje for sustainable development, in particular in the area of sustainable production. Sustainable production has been at the heart of his research and education work for some 20 years now.

Jouni published his Ph.D thesis 17 years ago in 2000 and has since worked in several international projects, platforms and expert groups in sustainable development research and education. For example, Jouni was the President (co-chair together with Richard Welford) of the International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS, www.isdrs.org) for five years 2006-2010. Jouni was the Associate Editor of Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier Science) for 2002-2008 and has served as the Guest Editor in many journal special issues including Business Strategy and the Environment (John Wiley & Sons) and Sustainable Development (John Wiley & Sons) and others.

Jouni’s current interests include corporate environmental management, industrial ecology, cleaner production and circular economy. He has published 50 articles in international peer-reviewed journals on these topics. Jouni has an interdisciplinary profile. For example, he is an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Policy at University of Helsinki and an Adjunct Professor of Management and Organizations at University of Eastern Finland. In 2012, Jouni was appointed as the full professor of Industrial Ecology and New Recycling Technologies of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. He has also worked as a Visiting Researcher at Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Sustainable development is an interdisciplinary, but also an inter-organizational and inter-sectoral challenge. Many times, systems level optimization, for example of a business network, may require suboptimization on the level of an individual network actor and vice versa. This is a continuous challenge and demands collaboration between different disciplines, organizations and sectors. Jouni wants to develop concepts, approaches and tools that can be applied to strategic sustainability management of business organizations. Jouni will focus on individual processes, businesses and organizations, but also on their groups and networks.

The current investments at KTH in Södertälje and in the Södertälje economy in general in sustainable production open up a fruitful possibility for learning in such matters for a diverse set of sectors and actors are already involved in the process. The fact that many stakeholders are committed to work for the sustainability of the local and regional economy offers an opportunity for generating a mutually beneficial cycle between research, education and business development. Jouni’s vision is that KTH research and education, KTH students, the local authorities, the local community and local business organizations can jointly enjoy learning in more sustainable development.