Travel in time: visiting museums in Stockholm

Undoubtedly, Stockholm is a city of museum: there are as many as 80 museums/galleries scattering across the city. Therefore, visiting museums become my biggest leisure activity. If you don’t have an idea how to get started, let’s discover the city with me!

The first museum I visited is the Swedish History Museum.  It is absolutely an impressive one: I cannot think of any other means that allow me to get to know the country in such a shorter time. And it is admission-free!20161029_134612_hdr

Autumn unfolds on a pond in Skansen

The most joyful experience is day trip in Skansen, which is an open-air museum. A day in Skansen will be: in the morning you are with elks in Sami’s land; while in the afternoon you stand in front of a wood house that once dwelled by a Viking family; when you are rambling across a rich Southern farmland, suddenly you find yourself inside a pharmacy in 1800s, where you can only buy herbs inside of aspirin. Skansen is really a place filled with magic!


The half-under-earth house is not the weirdest I saw in Skansen

My most unforgettable experience is a visiting the Nordic Museum. Erected more than a hundred years ago, the building itself is an exclusive masterpiece in architecture.


View of Nordic Museum from Skansen (without any PS)

Nordic Museum is famous for its vast collection of interior decoration in Swedish houses of all social classes, during different festivals and along a continuous time axis. Here is my favorite: a little girl day-dreaming by the window at a mid-summer day. A subtle, yet perpetual  moment.20161119_114704_hdr

Additionally, here I summarize a list of museums/art center/galleries that you may visit for free. Now, enjoy your travel in time!

Bonniers Kunsthall

 Museum of Ethnography

Living History Forum

Haga Park Museum

Royal Coin Cabinet – Nation Museum of Economy

Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities

Museum of Medieval Stockholm

National Museum (Free to age 25)

Norrtälje Museum and Art Gallery

Maritime Museum

Tensta Art Gallery

Tumba Paper-mill Museum

Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities