Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska Institute

March is the peak season of job hunting: no matter you are looking for a summer job, master thesis, traineeship or a full-time employment, it is the time to be busy with! And if you are fortunately a student of a health sciences related field, then you definitely can’t miss CHaSE: the annual career fair at Karolinska Institution, organized by the Medical Student’s Association.

Below are the participating companies for this year:

Visitors are grated free admission, but make sure that you read those before going:


It will take place on THIS Thursday, the 9th of March 2017,  9 AM to 5 PM


Aula Medica (Nobels Väg 6) and Medicinska Föreningen (Nobels Väg 10)


Visiting the venue does not need registration, but if you want to attend the talks given by exhibitioners or workshops, registration is required through this link: http://chasesthlm.se/register-free/


The Schedule of the whole day events is accessible through: http://chasesthlm.se/schedule-where-what-when/

Events and Career Guide and More

I started my day by listening to a talk given by Andrew Hennigan “Networking Essentials”

He gave us a few extremely useful and doable tips about networking, for example:

  1. Do participate or be a organizer of events;
  2. Do keep promise to others, always take physical notes for the things to do;
  3. Don’t overlook your profile on social media and school webpage, because people will search you on the Internet;
  4. (Insert a personal advertisement) Welcome to connect with me professionally on Linkedinhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/tianlin-he-b8332b98/

Then, with a whole-day schedule at hand, I began a day of “job hunting”. There were so many people at the booths and restriction in time, but I still managed to communicate with representative from some big firms such as Swedish pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, Danish leading pharmaceutics Novo Nodiska, Atlas Antibiotics which has a close relationship with my Science For Life Laboratory (where I study), international organizations such as the Red cross, Doctors without Border……

A corner in CHaSE


2017/03/09 at 18:31, extremely tired but fulfilled after a day with CHaSE 😛

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