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Summer in Research: interview with 7 students working at SciLifeLab

Vacation is not the only option for summer; a number of students from my program Molecular Techniques in Life Science make an alternative decision: a two-month, full-time research internship at Science For Life Laboratory in Stockholm. Among them, a large portion belongs to the annual SciLifeLab Summer Fellow Program (description at end end of this blog), while the rest devote themselves into individual research project.

Now, after spending one month pipetting, culturing tissue or even sitting in front of a computer doing simulation, can they eventually integrate their knowledge from classroom to bench-top, and convert their passion in science to fruitful results in lab? Let’s have a chat with them about their job, their happiness and frustration, pain and gain during their unique summer in research!

 Dimitri Wirjowerdojo, Indonesia

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Group: Håkan Jönsson (Nanobiotechnology and Proteomics at KTH)

Project: Droplet microfluidics processing in single-cell gene expression analysis

Xueqing Wang, China

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Group: Erik Lindahl (Biophysics at KTH and Stockholm University)

Project: Engineering anesthetic sensitivity via an allosteric transmembrane cavity in pentameric ligand-gated ion channels

Javier Arroyo Gomez, Spain

Group: Simon Elsässer (Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics at Karolinska Institute)

Project: Site-specific incorporation of unnatural amino acids in mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC)

Javier Lanillos, Spain

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Group: Valtteri Wirta (Clinical Genomics at Karolinska Institute)

Project:  Next generation sequencing-based panel for combined analysis of different molecular aberrations for cancer diagnostics 

Revant Gupta, India

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Group: Lukas Käll (Statistical Biotechnology at KTH)

Project: Deep Neural Networks for Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics

Siddharth Tomar, India

Group : Claudia Kutter (Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology at Karolinska Institute)

Project : Identifying regulatory elements associated with different developmental stages in mouse liver

Kawai Lee, Hong Kong

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Group: Erik Lindahl (Biophysics at KTH and Stockholm University)

Project: Molecular Dynamic (MD) Simulation of proton-gated ion channel


This is a rather brief interview, but if you want to know more:

  1. About the interviewees: they are all first-year student of my program Molecular Techniques in Life Science, their LinkedIn and Email addresses are also hyperlinked in the text 😉
  2. About our program: visit our websites on KTH, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University or Science For Life Laboratory
  3. About SciLifeLab Summer Fellow Program:
  • In these years, Science For Life Laboratory offer 6 summer research internship positions exclusively to first-year students in Molecular Techniques in Life Science
  • These are full-time job, duration of two months
  • Monthly salary SEK 18,000
  • There are 15 projects available, topics ranging from pure biology, clinics to bioinformatics
  • Advisor of projects come from Karolinska Institute, KTH or Stockholm University