MTLS welcomes the third cohort of students

Starting from this September, these 24 talented young people becomes the third “generation” of the family MSc Molecular Techniques in Life Science.

The number of new members rockets from 6 in year 2015, to 19 in year 2016, then this year we have 24!

MTLS Class 2015

MTLS Class  2016

MTLS Class 2017

On Wednesday, my classmates first met and fikad with the third cohort students —— without any exception, they are a amalgamate of ambitious, acquisitive and energetic “scientists in training”.

Here I would like to express thousands of thanks to my classmates Dimitri, who convened all of us with his passion and hospitality. Also, the statistics about their academic background will be posted here later, in favor of the potential applicants of our program.

Finally, my sincerest wish to the new students: the upcoming two years at MTLS will be definitely one of worthiest investment in your life 😉

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  1. It’s a pleasure to read your page. There is very intresting and it contains smth about you and smth about over world. You are so multilateral and it’s attractive to read your blog. Keep going! Good luck sunny girl.

  2. Thank you!
    It is so delightful to read such a comment from a reader;)
    Sure, I will definitely keep it up!

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