See you at Stockholm: STAF Student Arrival Day 2018

Tomorrow, the 14th of January, is the official arrival day of incoming students for 2018 Spring semester. On this day, thousands of students from all corners of the world are going to arrive at Arlanda Airport, to start their study in one of the 18 higher education institutes in Stockholm. It is my honor to be a part of the student arrival team, organised by Stockholm Academic Forum, and be your guide on shuttle bus as well as at Terminal 5 🙂


We pick up students arriving from Terminal 2/5 and guide their to the shuttle bus station. We have a information desk at Terminal 5 for inquiries:

Photo: Stockholm University on Twitter


From 9 AM to 9 PM, shuttle buses depart from Arlanda to the city.  In the morning hours, buses stop at the city centre (T-Centralen); while in the afternoon they stop at both Stockholm University and T-Centralen.

Frequency: one bus per hour

Seats on each bus: 50

Reminder: if you have a rental contract with KTH Accommodation, do pick up the key on another day: the office is NOT opened on 14th January!


You must be curious about what are inside the goodie bags that will be distributed to every incoming students. There are:

  • A PREPAID SIM card
  • A comprehensive guide book and transportation map of Stockholm
  • A bottle of water: so, you don’t have to buy any water at the airport 🙂
  • A reflex

I would like to add a few sentences about the reflex: born and raised in a  low-latitude region, I never wear a reflex before and therefore didn’t recognised and later discarded it T_T You will find it extremely useful to be carried with you, when you walk at winter night (the local definition of winter night is : after 3.30 PM)


This year, we distribute a physical shuttle bus ticket at Terminal 5. Keep it with you as a certificate to get on the bus on time.


As you are not entitled to student discount in Stockholm’s public transport before you are officially registered as students, you need a regular SL card. One-time, day, week, or month access of metro, trains, buses and trams are available.

A SL Card

Visit–tickets/ for the price list of tickets. For details, visit the SL centre at your any nearest metro station.

Reminder: tickets CANNOT be purchased on bus.


I was among the 1200 incoming students in August 2016. Although I arrived at the peak hour of the day, the journey of Terminal-airport-my accommodation was generally smooth and relaxing. Now, it is the time to give it back 😉

The 2017 Arrival Team

I will be in charge in the afternoon, so don’t forget to say hi, if you see me at Arlanda 😀