Finally, our graduation

The 31th of May, 2018 is the day that I will never forget. After all these things, which include one-and-half year attending the identical lectures together, six months delving in complicated codes, and above all, tons of laughter, the 2016 class of MTLS was graduating on a summerly May-day at Karolinska Institutet (KI).

Aula Medica is the hall mark of KI

Unlike other programmes at KTH, whose graduation ceremony is held yearly in the City Hall, where the Nobel Banquet takes place; at MTLS we attend the graduation ceremony together with other KI’s international master programmes at Aula Medica where the Nobel Lecture in Physiology or Medicine is held annually.

The ceremony lasted only two hours, including an one-hour rehearsal. It was a simple, yet ceremonious one. It started with the speech from our vice-president, Prof. Karin Dahlman-Wright, who confessed at once that she did not remember the graduation speech at her time ——- which effectively leavened the air with bright laughter.

There are all together eight global master programmes at KI. For each programme:

MTLS class 2016 on the stage

  1. Speech from programme director

  2. Students were invited on the red carpet on stage

  3. They shaken hands with vice-president, from whom they receive a small certificate

  4. Group photo

  5. Students returned back to their seats

There were two short breaks between the programmes in which all students, teachers and guests were entertained by Swedish music performed by Riltons Vänner.

At last, light refreshment, desert, and champagne are essential!

Small souvenirs for the big day!

An authentic unofficial group that half of the class were not looking at the camera

I have imagined hundreds of times how the two-year master programme would end. In the end, it turned out to be a jubilant afternoon with family, friends and celebration. Then I understand: the 120 ECTS were completed, but the skills that we acquired in the study, our friendship built after all of these tests will keep going on and last long.

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  1. Thank you Daniel! So happy to spend the past two years in the three universities and above all in Sweden 😀

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