MTLS Christmas Party!


Happy New Year to all the readers! Hope you are enjoying the Christmas holidays. Today, I would like to share how we celebrated Christmas here in Sweden.

Our class of MTLS, had decided to play Secret Santa before the Christmas break. Let me tell you briefly, how secret Santa works. Everyone participating is assigned a name secretly. That person becomes the secret Santa for the name he is assigned to. The Santa has to buy or make a gift for the person. Everyone gets together on the day of the party. All the gifts are collected and each person gets their gift. Based on the gift the receiver has to guess who would be their secret Santa.

One person has to take the responsibility to assign secret Santa to each person. Alternatively it can also be done using online programmes. Now here it gets interesting. As I have mentioned before, one of the course at Karolinska is the programming course in python. You must be wondering why am I talking about courses all of sudden in the secret Santa? In the spirit of programming one of our classmate, Luca decided to write a code to generate the list of names for secret Santa using python – ‘The secret Santa generator’. He successfully wrote it, or we would have ended with one person having two and the other one none. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

We had our Christmas party in one of our classmate, Vijay’s place. It was well decorated, with lights and Christmas decorations.

Pre-party preparations                                                                                                                            PC:Akshay

We had some Christmas snacks and Christmas drinks i.e. Glogg and Julmust.

Finally, it was time to open presents and guess the Santa’s name. One by one gifts were given and three chances to guess the Santa’s name.

An example of the gifts                                                                                                                          PC:Akshay

This was one of the gifts prepared by a secret Santa. The Last supper by MTLS (Can you guess where I am?)

Later we danced, and played games and had photo sessions with various props. It was really fun experience. It was the first time, that I really celebrated Christmas by doing all the traditional things.  It was a evening well spent with friends that is now my new family here in Sweden.