New beginnings at Stockholm University!

To make an end is to make a beginning.


-Edith Lovejoy Pierce


After ending one part of our journey at Karolinska Institutet, we move to Stockholm University for the new begining of the second part of this journey .

The new semester at Stockholm University started after almost 1 week of holidays on 21st of January. For most of the students new semester means new courses. However, for the students of MTLS, new semester means new university, new place, meeting new students, making new friends, experiencing new environment and new academic culture, new opportunities, new resources, new social culture, different parties, and many more things…

There is just no end to this list of new and different things. The best description of this feeling of transiting from one institute to another, is the same as visiting the city of Stockholm for the first time and getting the first welcome all over again, except this time with snowy weather!

So today, I am going to tell you something about Stockholm University that I have been able to discover in the past week.

About Stockholm University (SU)

The Stockholm University is known for its research in the basic sciences. The environment of the place is also conducive for the same.

SU has two campuses.

1. Frescati campus or the main camous

2. Albanova campus

The Frescati campus (evening shot)

The Frescati campus is very near to the Universitet metro station. It is easily accessible by bus or metro. Albanova campus is just 2 bus stops away from the Frescati campus. Frescati campus has a lot of open lawns and is very close to the nature and environment. It has a lot of trees around the campus. ON the other hand the Albanova campus is right next to a lake surrounded by trees. Thus, the environment on campus is very pleasant.

Registering at SU

Now, to get started, ne of the first things required is to register and to activate student account. This can be done at the Infodesk in the Studenthuset (Student house). The account activation provides us with the login credentials for the course registration. Using these credentials, courses can be registered on Ladok, the central system for course registration in Sweden. The student account activation also enables us to apply for the library card, which is used to borrow books and take printouts.

Info desk at Student huset
Source: SU website

Further, the Stockholm University student union (SUS) registration can be done in the same building i.e. Studenthuset’s ground floor. The student union enables you to access various activities like fencing, belle dancing, gym, etc. The registration at the student union is also important for the housing queue to apply for an accommodation through SSSB.

Our courses at SU

We have 5 courses in the SU semester:

1.  Bioinformatics

2. Applied Programming in Life Sciences 2

3. Structure and dynamics of Biological Membranes

4. Methods in Molecular Life Sciences

5. Comparative Genomics

I will be writing about these courses as we progress through the semester, so stay tuned for more updates!