Afternoon tea at Rosendal’s Garden cafe

The winter in Stockholm can be quite depressing as most of the days there is little or no sunlight. Eventually in February, it is when the sun starts to re-appear slowly and the temperature gradually rises to positive degrees. It is this time when everyone on the streets stop for a moment to absorb the mild warmth from the rays of the sun. So just like everyone else, my classmates and I too decided to go out to absorb some sun (may be some Vitamin D) and enjoy this weather.

Especially, after the intensive and taxing course of bioinformatics, we were longing to take a break and just enjoy the outdoors after a very long and cold winter.

We went to Rosendal’s garden situated opposite to the Nordiska Museet (Nordik Museum) and right next to the Stockholm’s open air museum and zoo – Skansen.

The park has a long walking track around a lake. As it was still the end of winter, it is not just warm enough yet to melt the frozen lake completely, as a result one can see some ice floating in the water, and thin layers of ice at the edges untouched.

The layers of frozen waves on the shore of the lake

Inside the park there are some interesting structures, like the one that you see in the pictures below.

Castle or a cafe?

Going further inside one encounters small green house like structures made of glass. These structures accommodate a nursery, a cafe and sitting area.

Inside green houses – sitting area

There are also some tables outside. However, we decided to enjoy the warmth of green house, that had fancy table chair arrangement as opposed to a barn table placed outside in the open. The cafe has some snacks, sweet dishes and various beverages like coffee, varieties of tea and a bar.

Us, enjoying snacks in the warmth of green house                                                                                                                      PC: Vijay

Surrounding the green houses are many plantations, unfortunately, we did not see any, as they were all dead after being exposed to the harsh Swedish snow filled winters. But I was able to imagine how beautiful it would look during peak spring!

Beautiful walkways in the park

This visit in the garden not just reminded me of the time when I first arrived in Sweden in August when it was still sunny and warm and when the the nature was in full bloom; but also filled me with excitement for the approaching spring season!