Transport in Stockholm

The transport and its efficiency tells a great deal about the city. There are multiple ways to transit within the city of Stockholm. People in Sweden are very health conscious, so they prefer to walk or cycle to work. However, taxis and electric scooters are available on rent at various places in the city to move around. However the easiest and the best way to transit in Stockholm is to use public transport, as most of the options in peak winter become difficult to use due to extreme weather conditions.

SL ferry ride

Public transport in Stockholm is run and maintained by private sector. The main public transport company is SL. Apart from SL there are other companies such as MTR, etc. However, the city is very well connected by transport service of SL. SL has buses (buss), metro (tunnelbana), ferry, trams, trains (pendaltag)  and light rail.

SL access card

Tickets are available for each of this transport mode. However, the best option for a long term stay is to buy a monthly pass. An adult monthly pass costs 890 SEK. However, as an university student, discounted rate apply, which is 590 SEK per month. It is important to have a valid student ID card, with the SL logo on it to use the discounted tickets. The student ID can be obtained after registering as a member of the student union at any one of the Universities.

A monthly pass can be used to access any and every mode of transport offered by SL in the city of Stockholm. Further, the same can be used to get extension tickets to Uppsala. Furthermore, recently, the SL service has also included the ferry trips to the island of Vaxholm in the Stockholm archipelago.

The access card is literally the most useful thing to move in and around Stockholm. It is as I like to say :

One card to ride them all