Thanksgiving in Sweden!

The festival of Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated in the western world. Historically the festival is a celebration of the first harvest of the pilgrims in the new world, where the pilgrims share the harvest with the native Americans as a gesture of thanks for their help in getting established in the new land. In today’s day, people celebrate it with the family members, by sharing food and memories.

I celebrated the same here in Stockholm with my classmates. One of the biggest benefit of an international masters is that you get to experience so many cultures and traditions.

Family in Sweden!

Gunter who celebrated Thanksgiving every year at his home in America organised Thanksgiving dinner rather “Friendsgiving” at his place and invited us all – the family in Sweden!

Turkey – traditional thanksgiving food

We each made some food and shared it with everyone there, played games and had a lot of fun! It was my first Thanksgiving dinner, which was a wonderful experience and also a perfect break from the academics in the dark winters for all of us!