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Third semester – KTH Royal Institute of Technology

We enter into the third semester after an exciting to our third institute – KTH Royal Institute of Technology. KTH has 5 different campus.

  1. KTH main campus
Albanova campus during Autumn
    • As the name suggests it is the main campus, where the main library, most of the departments, administrative buildings and student union is located. Albanova campus is an extension of the main campus located close to Stockholm University.
  1. KTH Kista campus
Kista campus
Photo credits: Shrinish


    • Electronics, communication systems and computer science courses are offered on this campus. The location of the campus enables close contact with the industries as most of the major companies in the above mentioned fields are in the same locality.
  1. KTH Södertälje campus
    • This campus mostly offers courses in Mechanical Engineering. Further, it is very closely associated with some of the major industries in the same field.
  1. KTH Flemingsberg campus
    • The campus focuses to bridge the gap between technology and medicine and developing medical technology.
  1. KTH Solna campus
SciLife Lab – Solna campus                                                  Photo credits: Vijay 
    • This campus focuses on Life Science research in the Science for Life Laboratory or SciLife Lab. SciLife lab is a collaborative platform for 4 main universities i.e. KTH, SU, KI and Uppsala. It is also another home for my program of Molecular Techniques in Life Sciences.

The students of MTLS have most of our classes during the KTH semester in the Albanova part of the main campus and few labs in the main campus. The travel to the Albanova campus is easy and refreshing, as after getting down off the nearest bus or the metro one needs to walk for 5 mins to reach the academic buildings.