Corona Virus and student life

About the virus

Electron Microscope image of Covid-19 Source:

Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 commonly known as Corona virus, is a single stranded RNA virus. It is infectious disease and can primarily spread from person to person. An infected person can show sever symptoms, mild symptoms and at times no symptom at all. Thus, a person infected with virus can be be completely unaware of the fact that he/she is infected and is transmitting it to others in the close vicinity. This is one of the main reasons of the disease being a pandemic.

Is Sweden under lockdown?

No, Sweden is not under lockdown. As mentioned in my previous post, Sweden is aiming to achieve heard immunity. Thus, unlike most of the governments in the world, Swedish government has not ordered a complete lockdown. Rather, the FHM (Swedish Public Health Agency) has given a set of recommendations for the general public to follow. All the international flights are stopped, people are recommended to avoid travelling unless absolutely necessary. Further, gathering for more than 50 people are prohibited. Although, the public transport is running on the regular schedule, the number of people travelling has reduced significantly. Further, measures are taken to increase the safety of the employees of the public transport.

How does this affect students?

All the academic institutions and universities such as KTH, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institute campuses are closed down for the students attending classes and other activities. The lectures and final examinations are currently conducted via online platforms such as zoom. However, the PhD students and other students working on their thesis are granted special access to continue their work. 


Since, SciLifeLab is the national platform for Life Science research, it is currently converted into a Corona Virus research facility by the generous donations of Kunt and Alice Wallenberg foundation. Being a proud member of this strong research community, we at SciLifeLab are currently focusing our research on various aspects of the corona virus. One of the collaborating lab has developed rapid detection kit. We have many journal club discussions discussing the recent research and how it can be implemented into developing vaccines and cure.

Joint Journal club discussing the advances in Corona Virus research

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