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This blog

This blog serves to give insight to the master’s programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science for prospective students: here you will find information about programme content, campus life at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and beyond that!

STUDENT LIFE contains items and events of daily student life, which I find fun or important to record and share with you!

SCIENCE AND MORE is customized for science students or anyone who is interested in science and technology. The motivation for writing this page comes from a course at my first semester of Molecular Techniques in Life Science: it required us to attend seminars and submit a report within a fixed period. At that time, I started to explore open lectures in Stockholm and discovered that the opportunities are overwhelming! The posts cover the ongoing cutting-edge researches at KTH or other research institutes in Stockholm.

As its name suggests, FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS comprises of useful information regarding the application process, an introduction of KTH and its master programmes. Questions are especially welcome at this part. There are always no trivial questions: so, please do ask!

The section FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS is equally useful for the prospective and current students as it includes information about the ongoing courses and how the course content is updated every year based on the advancements in the field.  The section comprises of the topics covered in each course, course reviews as well as the course activities in detail to give some insight to the perspective courses. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand from the name of the course about its contents. Therefore, that is where these COURSE REVIEWS can come in handy. Hope you enjoy them