Concentrating in basic research: what I saw in KAW100

In the area of scientific research, especially those concentrate in fundamental, mechanistic understanding, the major blockade is definitely looking for funding opportunity. That’s why I heard of the Wallenberg Foundation (in a research group’s prate, indeed) much earlier than recognizing that the Wallenberg Family regimens Swedish finance sector, indirectly contributes to half of the country’s … Continue reading “Concentrating in basic research: what I saw in KAW100”

Insight into cancer survival driven by scientists at KTH and SciLifeLab

“The Emperor of All Maladies”, is cancer. But the more intimidating it is, the more determined we are as biologists: recently, an August Science paper promulgates the release of Human Pathology Atlas.  It is constructed from the big data analysis of 17 cancer types and 7000+ patience, aiming at addressing the most perplexing questions in … Continue reading “Insight into cancer survival driven by scientists at KTH and SciLifeLab”

Summer in Research: interview with 7 students working at SciLifeLab

Vacation is not the only option for summer; a number of students from my program Molecular Techniques in Life Science make an alternative decision: a two-month, full-time research internship at Science For Life Laboratory in Stockholm. Among them, a large portion belongs to the annual SciLifeLab Summer Fellow Program (description at end end of this … Continue reading “Summer in Research: interview with 7 students working at SciLifeLab”

Course Review: Biophysical Chemistry

Biology? Physics? Chemistry? Despite of its intimidating name, the course biophysical chemistry is one of the most inspiring one I have ever had, and is regarded as the most popular course by two branches of our students. Eager to know what it is? All you need is Boltzmann The core concept of the whole course … Continue reading “Course Review: Biophysical Chemistry”

International VR Science Festival at KTH

If you are fond of video games, you must have heard about VR, but for an amateur like me, it means simply to put on a special “glasses” with which I can see a virtual world. Therefore,  I was extremely excited when I knew that KTH was going to hold the FIRST International Virtual Reality … Continue reading “International VR Science Festival at KTH”