Searching for Research Internship?

A long time after my blog Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska, I can now happily proclaim: “Hooray! I get one!” If you are curious about how I got my first full-time employment  in Sweden, or you are looking for an internship position here, this blog should be most relevant to you. Instead of … Continue reading “Searching for Research Internship?”

Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska Institute

March is the peak season of job hunting: no matter you are looking for a summer job, master thesis, traineeship or a full-time employment, it is the time to be busy with! And if you are fortunately a student of a health sciences related field, then you definitely can’t miss CHaSE: the annual career fair … Continue reading “Event Reminder: Annual Career Fair at Karolinska Institute”

On the way to a bioinformatician

As elaborated in my blog About TIANLIN, the passion in the emerging field of bioinformatics is my motivation of pursuing the master degree of Molecular Techniques in Life Science here in Stockholm. If you never heard of bioinformatics/bioinformatician before, let me tell you more: 1. Why bioinformatics Working in a so-called “wet lab”, no matter … Continue reading “On the way to a bioinformatician”

Science without border: Johan G. Andersson and his archeologic discovery in China

I. Preface The date of today is 01/02/2017, people in my hometown are still enjoying the last few days of new year celebration. At this special time, I am going to tell you a story. The story is about China but not limited to China, as it transcends all the known geographical boundaries; the story … Continue reading “Science without border: Johan G. Andersson and his archeologic discovery in China”

Sci-Life-Lab unlocked!

  You may not be familiar with adenosine(A), thymine(T), guanine(G), cytosine(C), but it is impossible that you never heard of DNA sequencing! As we all know, DNA sequencing is an amazing technique that “deciphers” the secret codes which hide in your body. It differentiates you from any other individual in the world; it can probably tell … Continue reading “Sci-Life-Lab unlocked!”