Museums of Stockholm

Recently, I have been writing a lot about the academics and about our programme. So today I thought to share something about the some places to visit. The first thing that came to my mind is the museums. Stockholm has innumerable museums, as you can see in the map below. From these museums, I had … Continue reading “Museums of Stockholm”

MTLS Christmas Party!

  Happy New Year to all the readers! Hope you are enjoying the Christmas holidays. Today, I would like to share how we celebrated Christmas here in Sweden. Our class of MTLS, had decided to play Secret Santa before the Christmas break. Let me tell you briefly, how secret Santa works. Everyone participating is assigned … Continue reading “MTLS Christmas Party!”

Why you should start cycling today

Rememberme discussing whether to have a bike or not in my previous blog To bike, or not to bike? It’s time to give a definite answer: Yes! THE WEATHER IS PERFECT Weather is the first thing to talk about (just like the Swedes open a conversation :P). As summer approaches, the average daytime temperature of … Continue reading “Why you should start cycling today”

What is happening with Nobel Prize in Literature?

Over the weekend, the news “Nobel Prize in Literature 2018 is cancelled” storms the global media. What is happening with the utmost glory in literature? TECHNICAL CAUSE? In short, it fails because the committee that selects the Nobel laureate in literature, the Swedish academy,  cannot function properly after resignation of four members in April. Taking … Continue reading “What is happening with Nobel Prize in Literature?”