2nd semester of Molecular Techniques in Life Science – Part I

The most notable change of the second semester is that we are going to study in a new school Stockholm University, and to learn programing in python, because we will use it in all of our four courses, namely Introduction to Bioinformatics, Project in Molecular Life Sciences, Biophysical Chemistry and Comparative Genomics. Stockholm University (The content … Continue reading “2nd semester of Molecular Techniques in Life Science – Part I”

Course Review: Introduction to Bioinformatics

After the New Year’s break, our battle field shifts from Karolinska to Stockholm University, where we are going to learn bioinformatics now! A few weeks before, our course teacher Professor Arne Elofsson had already sent us the link to course website. According to the course website, the upcoming course “Introduction to Bioinformatics” will consist of … Continue reading “Course Review: Introduction to Bioinformatics”