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Birthday with the DKV Crew…

So, the exam week is over and period two begins on Monday. As we all take the weekend to relax and get ourselves ready for the next period, I would like to share one of my first memorable events in Stockholm yet- MY BIRTHDAY!!

If you know me, you would know I love birthdays because, for one day in a year, everyone gets the chance to be celebrated and look back on the milestones they have reached while looking forward to the new experiences that the new year would bring. For me, it’s always a day for reflection and basking in the love of family and friends.

Such a memorable day for me fell into the third week of my Stockholm adventure (lol). It’s amazing how in a short time, I have met wonderful people who went all out to ensure I had a first Stockholm birthday to remember;)

My birthday felt like a three-day event! Started off with the fireworks event the night before; then the D-day was spent pretty well and then the day after had a barbecue night to wrap up the birthday spirit;)

So, I live with the nicest, most friendly, wonderful, amazing, (looking for more adjectives to qualify them). You would not believe we all did not know each other before KTH and they proved all the qualities listed above and more on this special day.

For me, the highlight of that night was how Swedish we became in one night. We had a plan for a barbecue but it started raining and I was considering cancelling it. No, these amazing people were ready for a barbecue regardless of the weather conditions and so, we waited for an hour and people started preparing what they could in the house instead; when it was clear that the rain wasn’t going to stop, we had our barbecue night under the rain!

You might be wondering why I said becoming Swedish in one night. We all know that the Swedish weather is mostly cold but it’s nice to watch that instead of people deciding to sit at home and keep warm, they go out and make the environment warm enough or wear clothes that can do just that and enjoy the moment regardless!

This is exactly what we did and the barbecue turned out to be like a buffet dinner for 15 and we were just 8 (lol). Below are some highlights from the night;)

Richard preparing a dish with chicken and green beans – came out really nice

Trying to get things settled and moving things from the house to the venue;)

So, the idea was the fire from the barbecue would keep us warm and as you can see, we were covered up to suit the cold rainy night! Did we enjoy it? Yes!! Good food, good music and nice conversation can never go wrong you know:)

So, I thought the dinner was the end and then we all go in and sleep but that was not the case.

This last video illustrates the last piece of the puzzle. With just one light on to set the mood right (my fascination with lights and their influence on scenery is seen here again), my amazing corridor mates got a semblance of cake and ended the birthday with me making a wish – I could not have asked for a better ending to a perfect night:)

Thank you, Andres, Lola, Alex, Yifru, Chandra, Sixuan, Richard and Albina! It was obvious to me the effort everyone put to make the day work which indeed turned out beautiful and I could not have asked for a better crew. (We actually forgot it was raining at some point) . Thank you, KTH for bringing this set of amazing people my way:) (Haha!)

Application guide 1: Taking the first steps

So, the application round for master’s programmes at KTH for the year, 2018 is opened! This post is the beginning of many series to come so if you’re interested in applying to KTH, tag along;)

KTH offers over 60 masters programme organised into nine subject areas:

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Engineering Physics and Mathematics
  • Industrial Management and Innovation
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Life Science Technology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

To me, this translates that you have a vast range of programmes to pick from which helps you to be very specific in what you actually want to do. Very cool right? So,



So, various programmes at KTH have different admission requirements and, so it’s good to find out the ones that apply to your preferred programme. This is easily found at the section for each programme at the KTH website.

Since the KTH application period spans over a long time-frame, if you’re an applicant, you would probably be between stages 1 and  2 right now. I would say this is the time to spend preparing and making sure you gather and prepare all required documents for your programme.

Applications for all programmes at KTH are done online. Most programmes are applied for through University Admissions in Sweden. Not to worry, your preferred programme would have a direct link that directs you to the site, once you click on “Apply Now” 😉

The deadline is January 15th. However, applications for some joint programmes are made through other portals and their application periods vary. The simple step is to follow the instruction given on the KTH website for the programmes that fall into this category.

Since, this stage is about getting all documents ready, the has a step-to-step instructional guide for Master’s applicants. Visit the link below:

Instructions for master’s applicants

Ensure you view step 2 in the above link as various countries have specific requirements and you can compare if the degree obtained in your country meets the basic entry requirements.

That’s it for this post. Follow the blog for subsequent posts in the application guide for a prospective future at KTH 😉



Proper preparation yields good results…

The saying that “proper preparation yields good result” is one that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. So, my supposed “first” exam at KTH was for Renewable Energy Technology (RET).  The day before the exam was spent reading (obviously).

I am someone who likes to spend fifty percent of my reading time alone and the other 50 percent, reading with people. In the sustainable energy engineering programme, we have a lot of work that requires being in groups. This has helped to grow the team spirit amongst us. So, it was no surprise that the day before the exam, most of us went into smaller groups to read.

For me, these two amazing girls – YIngrui  Hao and Lian Yi formed my small group for the preparation ahead. So, we went to Nymble to read because we wanted to have lunch there also at lunchtime. Funny thing was, I actually planned to go home for lunch but the menu at Nymble on that day made the better choice for me. So, we read at Nymble till it was time for lunch.

During lunch, spoke to Elaine’s (Lian Yi) mother. It was cool using the only Chinese word I know (Ni hao-hello). One of the wonderful things about this environment is you meet so many people from different international backgrounds and become friends in a very short time.

After that, we moved to the library. Am I the only one who likes to eat at least once when they read?

kannelbullar for the win!!

Did I enjoy the preparation? Absolutely! We shared our summary notes from the course; discussed various questions till we agreed on the same answer; helped each other when we got stuck; solved various past questions and then, called it a day! (More like, the library made that decision for us) .


We were the last to leave but we decided to take pictures of our first day before a supposed exam because memories matter and pictures preserve memories:)



Empty library- last set to leave!



Let there be light!

As I mentioned in my last post, this week is the celebration of 100 years at the Stockholm Campus at KTH! There are different activities taking place this week at KTH and this post is focused on one of them. Keep reading to find out

So, on Tuesday evening, was the light show at the courtyard and I am beginning to think I have a fascination with how different types of light bring out the unseen beauty in seemingly mundane things. So, with this growing love for lights, going for this exhibition was one of the things I looked forward to this week.

The lighting installation was done by the international students from the master’s programme in Architectural Lighting Design and the event started off with a presentation by these students at the KTH Entré and then we were guided by these students through the courtyard. You can still go this night to experience it live!


The students divided the courtyard into sections and worked separately in different groups and each group had their own theme but in the end going through the courtyard, you could sense the unison in all that they did. (Talk about collaboration without collaborating )

Without further ado, let the pictures do the talking!

People getting seated before the presentation begun at KTH Entré

Some Fika! (this was good!)



Let the presentations begin!

Recall I mentioned we went round after the presentations?


First stop: So we all stood at a vantage point and looked through a frame to make out “KTH” using the lights. So, this form of art as I learnt is called “Anamorphosis”. Anamorphosis is the art of creating a distorted projection that can be reconstituted as an image according to the viewer’s specific vantage point.

This brings me to the school of thought that we can understand the next person’s seemingly distorted idea if we look through those ideas from their own vantage point!

What do you see? I see KTH! #youmakeKTH

Second stop: Courtyard tower.

Did not take a picture going through this because I wanted to notice the difference. The idea is going through this path, you move through the past. The lights give you a sepia look-taking you back in time!

These were the lights used in the section described above

The Present!

Parabolic view of the courtyard

This is my stage!

A Master student explaining the concept of the lights

Playing with shadows! A Performer on her stage!

Who do you think he is looking at as he performs? hmmm

His audience! Spot the balcony effect!

When the photographer becomes the photographed! This is me!

The light responsible for the effects above

You can tell I spent so much time playing with shadows, so my next stop was the secret garden

The Secret garden full of light!

FINAL STOP: From the library to the courtyard – transition from white light to the RGB effect and after that step into the colourful scenery of the courtyard!

I had a good time and you could tell the students spent time thinking of the different ways to come up with various concepts to ensure the audience had a good experience.

Personally, I also liked the way they had a short feedback form for us to fill. It is always so good to receive feedback from people, that’s one of the ways we improve!

Take me back to the Fireworks Orchestra…

In the spirit of KTH 100 years celebrations starting this week, as I look forward to the unfolding events of the new week, I would love to share one of my unforgettable nights at KTH!

So, KTH’s motto is “Vetenskap och Konst” which means Science and Art; KTH has treated the whole of Stockholm since 2005 to the same good music enjoyed by Handel’s audience in 1749.

The fireworks concert was well publicised round KTH that it was hard not to remember that something big was taking place on the 6th of September. In my programme, some of us were writing a report due on the same day at 23:59 pm. I recall myself and a couple of others ensuring we did all things possible to finish before the concert time just to ensure we were present * whew* Was it worth it? Absolutely!

I grew up listening to good classical music at least twice a year(lol). So, the love of a good orchestra is etched in my veins somewhere. It was shocking to see everywhere was full; it felt like the whole of Stockholm came to watch- young and old included. I got there at 7:30, (a little late because of the said report) and the first set of songs I listened to was a Coldplay medley from a youthful band. I said to myself, “you are in the right place!”

Five bands merged into one for the Fireworks Orchestra 2017; consisting of wind musicians, percussionists and double bass players from:

  • Immanuel Brass
  • Nacka Symphonic Band
  • Stockholms Musikkår Tre Kronor
  • Upplands-Brosextetten
  • Kongliga Teknologkören

It was super cold! Did it stop us from enjoying good music? Absolutely not! I look forward to going next year and if you’re in Stockholm too, you should ensure you have it checked on your list of things to experience. When the fireworks finally started, it was very nice to see that the fireworks were in synchronisation to the music played. One might choose to describe it as lights playing to the tune of the orchestra and it was beautiful!!

While KTH celebrates 100 years this week, let us go back to September for a while in pictures to remember this beautiful event!

Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung

Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung


Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung

Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung


Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung

Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung


For me, these were the best pictures I saw after the fireworks and they were taken by a friend, who is also very good photographer named Jarturun Sukthoung (a KTH student studying Sustainable Energy Engineering).

Thanks, Ja!