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Stories and seeds!

Yes, movie night at KTH Library! Is there refreshment? Absolutely!


Stories and Seeds is a project about environmental literacy for technical students. It majorly consists of series of monthly film forums at Biblioteket. The next session of this film forum would take place on Wednesday, November 29th at 18:00. The event will be chaired by professor Cecilia Åsberg, chair of Nature, Gender and Culture at Linköping University and former director of the Seed Box environmental humanities hub. 

Guess what? Everyone is invited for free!


“Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel” (2000) follows the activities of an underground network of ill people, desperate to create alternative methods of self-care in a world where natural resources are disappearing. In this tale of illness and grassroots conjuring against contemporary malaise, artist Steven Matheson examines the meaning of health, disease and well-being in the post-industrial world.

More information about this event can be found on the website and  here

See you on Wednesday evening at KTHB!


One of the things I heard about studying in Sweden before coming was that Swedish Universities have a way of ensuring the students are engaged in projects that ensure they work in groups a lot. Is this true? Absolutely!

From the first week of lectures at KTH, we had to start creating groups for various seminars, laboratories, presentation and project. I have a group for laboratory and we chose ourselves again for another course in which we have to prepare for various seminar presentations. In the first period, I had to work together for a course that was solely based on presentation and report writing but in groups of two or three. In this second period, I have had to spend so much time with a particular group for a project that would be complete December 5th. For everyone in the programme, this last group has been the most demanding.

In the past two weeks, waking up and setting out to work in one of these teams has been the order of the day. I had a seminar, presentation, project deadline and the Armada event. The most interesting about these groups is the diversity. None of us knew each other before starting out and then, we all come together and achieve our set goal and the beautiful thing, I look back at all the meetings and see moments of pure laughter and fun!

Personally, I have learnt a lot of things from my various groups; ranging from technical skills to the lifestyle and culture of various countries. Also, the most intriguing thing which these group tasks have indirectly done for everyone in my programme is to build an accommodating and caring character in each person. Presently, everyone lives to see the next person be and do better. This translates to students helping each other understand their assignments so that they beat the never-ending deadlines. You see other students taking out time out of their busy schedule to ensure the next person understands a topic. This extends beyond the classroom as you see people planning weekend activities or helping out with other daily-life activities.

Below, are pictures from the three teams I mentioned in this post:

Brace yourselves; winter is coming!

The title of this post was the exact set of words that came out of my lips when I stepped out of my apartment on Monday –  “Winter is coming!” So, before now, we have had two different occasions of snowfall but not enough for most cameras to capture except in videos.

This week it snowed from Monday to Wednesday at KTH. Personally, I prefer when it snows than when it does not so you would know I had a pleasant week with the weather in those days:) The pictures below would show you more than I can explain of the beauty that lies in November as we embrace November 🙂

Apartment view -Monday morning

Monday morning – picture from the “early risers”

Then, the best part of my day was the snowball fight in the night! It was short but we laughed so hard and enjoyed every second of it:)

Tuesday welcomed us with this beauty:

Tuesday morning – view from my apartment window

Albina and I could not help it but take pictures as we stepped out on Tuesday morning. I had no idea that it was still snowing in the first place (before Monday ended, some places were already back to normal); so you can imagine my shock stepping out and seeing everywhere painted white.


View from Nymble

Pictures of  Syster & Bror on Wednesday:

On Wednesday, the snow started melting as observed above.

Remember, winter is coming! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Brace yourselves and prepare to have fun:)

THS presents ARMADA…

Are you as excited as I am for the events coming up this week? You should be! Remember I mentioned in this post that upcoming details on Armada soon? Well, keep reading as Armada holds on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


It is the largest Scandinavian career fair hosted by Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår (THS)  at KTH Royal Institute of Technology every year. This year, there are 171 companies in total and you can find the list of participating companies here. I love the way the list is split into categories. Hence, you have an idea of what companies fall in line with your reason for being at the fair. Also, clicking on each logo gives you a short description of the company alongside its precise location at the fair.

Downloading the app, “THS Armada” ensures you gain easy access to the above information. Also, it offers you an opportunity to find the top five companies that match your interests by taking a short quiz.


21st of November: 10:00 – 16:00
22nd of November: 10:00 – 15:00
Venue: Nymble and KTH Library

There are other events that would take place during the fair which include:

  • Internship pitch

Invited companies will present their internships, trainee programs and summer jobs.After the companies have presented their pitches, there will be a mingle where you get the opportunity to learn more about the companies and build relationships for the future. Participating companies for the Internship Pitch are Arup, BillerudKorsnäs, Capgemini, Essity, Qliro Group, Seavus, SKF, Swedbank, Teracom & Viaplay.

TIME: 9:00 -10:00
VENUE: K1, Teknikringen 56, floor 3
Registration is still open

  • Individual Meetings

This presents an opportunity to have one-on-one talks with companies you are interested in. However, registration for this event is closed. Those who would be attending would have the opportunity of having a 20-minute dialogue with participating companies individually.

There’s this cool thing about THS Armada.It is certified as an eco-labelled event. I had a post on sustainability, in which I said that everyone has a part to play and can take steps towards acheiving the global sustainable goals by 2030 and as an attendant on THS Armada’s event, you can contribute to a more sustainable environment by the following options:

  • Always chose vegetarian options – THS Armada only offers 100% vegetarian food at all events.
  • Walk, bicycle or chose the bus/metro instead of taking the car.
  • Chose tap water instead of bottled water.
  • Avoid standby on your technical devices (phone, computer, tablet..)
  • Sort your waste
  • Turn the light off when you leave a room
  • Only buy what you really need and take care of what you have.
  • Take good care of each other

(as listed on the Armada website)

Embracing November…

Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung

Do you love November or have you successfully proved to be tougher? If your answers fall in the black or white region, then you’re good. However, if you’re like me, with an answer somewhere in the grey region. Then, read along as I share how I am learning or better still, learnt to love this interesting month.

So what makes this particular month outstanding? It’s the “preparation month”. Changing weather conditions and darker days are the two key points. When I mean “changing”, I should really say “spontaneous”. I remember a morning this week at KTH, with the sun peeking through the grey clouds and melting the ice on the roads and on parked cars; then, in the afternoon, it decided to snow a bit and then, in the evening, the rains decided it was their turn:) Quite a day, right?

In various discussions with different groups, it is very common for the weather to be laid out as a topic of discussion. This is not surprising as people are not only interested in knowing how the next person is coasting along successfully but their perception; as most students, have just moved to Sweden for the first time.

For me, I was mentally prepared for the cold and dark days Sweden has in its nature. However, mental preparation wasn’t all that was needed. My brain clearly showed me that it has a pattern it has grown accustomed to over the years and there’s a process called adaptation. I would classify myself as a “day-person”. Someone who works better when the sun rises and slowly shuts all brain-tasking activities, as the sun sets in preparation for the next day. Some people are the opposite.

The view of the general public is that we tend to sleep early or actually get tired of studying early as the brain delivers a misconception that it has been working the whole night when the clock time says 21:00 (lol). Then, waking up to meet early morning schedules is getting harder. So, it’s a “rest well but still feel like you need more rest ” atmosphere. Guess what, the period two started this month and with deadlines lined up like it’s a queueing sequence, finding ways to love November is the right move to make as its a preparation for the future ahead:) So, here goes my list:


If you have been doing this, this is not the time to quit or get lazy. In fact, this is the time to ensure you do not skip physical exercise. You can either choose working out at the gym or simply walk or run. Do what suits you but try not to skip this very important part. I stopped working out for the longest time period in my life, but I tried it recently and can confidently tell you it had an unbelievable positive effect (the missing part of my embracing jigsaw puzzle as I like to think)


There’s an amazing vibe that comes with wearing nice clothes (or seemingly warmer clothes) and looking like you’re not wearing so much as to just manually putting on whatever would keep you warm. Waking up and thinking of different ways to wear what you love and successfully carrying out your wish through the art of layering, can surprisingly keep you excited the whole day 🙂


I had to point this out in this manner because it is simply what it is. Get up, leave your apartment and get to work. The number of times you spend outside, the faster you get used to it and dark days or not, the adaptation process is over sooner than expected.


Now, if you have one or two friends that fall into the category of those that LOVE the month, hang out more often with these guys! Their happiness can be quite infectious and that may be all you need to take the first steps in your love process:)

Here, are my four points that have helped out and presently, I  work well without feeling the extra wave of tiredness that comes with the setting of the sun at 15:00 (yay!!)

If you have other ways that you have tried and you feel works or you just want to share your November experience, would love to hear from you through the comments section:)