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Music Tech Fest Stockholm

If you are into music, science, media making, prototyping, or if you have ideas for entirely new products and business models, this is for you. Yes, you reading this right now!

What is Music Tech Fest?

Music Tech Fest, or MTF, is a giant creative laboratory featuring music hacking, research symposium, workshops, demos, performances by internationally renowned artists and industry showcases that connect artists, technologists and business in a unique and vibrant environment.

MTF is an ecosystem of more than 5,000 creative innovators and scientific researchers who regularly gather at MTF events and laboratories. Music Tech Fest events have been held in many locations around the world including the Barbican in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Microsoft NERD labs in Cambridge MA and Funkhaus in Berlin.

MTF was founded by Michela Magas, who was awarded the EU Woman Innovator of the Year prize in 2017 for it. Magas is founder and director of the innovation lab Stromatolite LTD in the UK, and currently the adviser on AI and innovation to the EU Commission and the G7 leaders.

Event Details

MTF: 7-9 September
HACK CAMP: 8-9 September

MTFStockholm will bring together academia and industry, artists, makers and scientists from around the world to celebrate and invent the future of music – right here at KTH. Past events have delved into Blockchain, transhumanism, neurofeedback, hacking the human voice, super accessibility, and more.

How can I take part?

You can register for the Hack Camp (a 24-hour event, September 8-9), and you can indicate you are from KTH on the form. This is important because the organizers want to involve as many KTH students and researchers as possible. If you qualify, you get free entry to the entire festival and join a special meetup on the 7th in the evening.

The MTF Hack Camp, led by BBC presenter, inventor and composer LJ Rich, allows you to access a toolkit of exclusive technologies and collaborate with artists and makers on challenges involving AI, blockchain technology, cymatics, robotics, transhumanism, synesthesia and more.

Bear in mind, KTH students and faculty who don’t get a placement in the Hack Camp will not walk away empty-handed. By applying early, you get in the funnel for other opportunities at Music Tech Fest. The festival aims to create as many interactions and opportunities for collaboration as possible and support great ideas. Alumni of the MTF have gone on to be recognised with a series awards including: 1M€ follow-up EU funding, MIT’s Under-35 Innovator, and 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs by Forbes.

Take the next step…

Register for #MTFStockholm

 Sign up for #MTFStockholm newsletter. Not enough details? Read more about the festival here 

Why is my participation worth it?

Ideas started at MTF tend to take on a life of their own – and many have led to patented technologies. By participating, you’re welcomed into a global research and innovation ecosystem that carries on well after the festival.

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International Women’s Day (Part 2)

Finally! the sequel to my last post is here. Did I keep you in suspense for four days?? It really was not the plan but this week is the exam week for the period 3 and I finally said goodbye to exams for this period yesterday.  You might start asking how many exams in a semester? The Swedish educational system plan is a bit different. I would explain this fully in a different post. However, let’s get on with today’s story…


This picture is a very good summary of my day;)

Majorly, I had two events on the same day and I tried my best to participate in both the best way possible. First stop, the women in technology conference. As I said, the Women in Tech’s mission is to inspire talented women to consider a future in the field of technology. They also want to inspire and enlighten women already in the industry, to stay within the field, by providing the network and experience of successful people from the wonderful world of technology and media.

The conference started at 10 a.m and various topics were discussed either as presentations or in panel-like setting. This continued until lunch time. However, as the discussions were ongoing, various companies hand their stands outside and I spent part of the time talking with them. I really enjoyed this part of the conference and I look forward to working with some of them.

You can tell I had fun too 😉


Once it was lunch time, I went for the next event, this was held at KTH library. In summary, students volunteered to write articles about prominent women in technology for Wikipedia. I really liked participating in this event and I liked that we had a good mix. Both boys, girls and people that were not students all came together. For some, it was writing an entirely new article and for others, it was to edit articles with more information.  I volunteered for the editing team.


So, I participated in a competition organised by one of the companies at the conference and I won!! I had to shuffle back to the conference and I ended my day there.

My gifts! Guess what I like the most in the three?


International Women’s Day (Part 1)

March 8th is International Women’s Day and everywhere in the world, events are organised all with the aim of celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women.


There were different events held in Stockholm to commemorate this day. In this post and in its sequel, I would only focus on the ones I attended. For me, the celebration started on the 7th of March.  As a member of ” Women in Tech “, I had an invite to the conference being held on the 8th. However, thanks to the membership, I heard about an event organised by EY to give insight to what they do and plans for the coming years. Also, since the conference tickets were sold out in two minutes, it was an opportunity for those who could not get the tickets for the main conference to network and mingle with other women in the tech industry.

The event was divided into two sessions: The first one was a presentation to give insight into the organisation’s framework.This session was very insightful. Imagine a room filled with women; asking tech questions! (haha)

The second session, MINGLE!!! I met amazing people during this period, who have done amazing things and are still at it. The wrap was good too:) Also, I think I might have had a whole bowl of chocolates(haha!)

Remember, this was just a warm-up session! What did I do on the D-day? My next post will tell:)

The Stockholm “they” described…

I write this post with so much excitement! This is because I finally get the opportunity to share with you what has been on my mind all through last week! You might wonder, last week? Why did you not inform us in real time then? I am sure you would guess right if you try *inserts drumroll* CHASING DEADLINES!!

For the first time in a long while, I have no deadlines lying ahead of me in the space of one month! On Monday, we submitted the last project deliverable for this period. This actually translates to the fact that exam times are almost upon us! (the exciting roller coaster life! haha!)

Before arriving at KTH, this was the idea of Stockholm painted to me for winter.

However, we didn’t even have a white Christmas for Stockholm. This post here is not focused on my total winter experience but just on the one week that looked more like the Stockholm described to me back home in Nigeria. Guess what? I was not even dressed like the people in that picture! 😀

My last post was about my coldest day yet. However, what the post failed to say was that Stockholm’s weather as unpredictable as it can be was back to -7 later in the day with the scenery looking this good!

Blue skies 🙂

I woke up on Tuesday morning to what would be the recorded as the coldest day (leading to the coldest week) in Stockholm for 2018 (Temperature ranging from -20 to -26). From what I hear, January and February are the coldest months in Sweden and this proves that.

walking down Brinellvagen from the M building (KTH)

Personally, I like the way the snow reflects to the skies and makes everywhere brighter than we usually would have. Also, the cold temperatures did not stop us from going about our daily activities as you can see below:) Most of the lakes are completely frozen now. I am still yet to walk on water but guess who plans to do this right after exams? Me!!

Going to KTH – Tuesday morning

SEE Student Council 🙂

Once Sweden truly moves from the winter period, I would share tips on how I survived, coming from a warmer region (wait for it in anticipation 😉 )