About me

Welcome to my Blog!


If you’re reading this page, you probably just want to know a little bit about the person called, Oluchi Monwe and what brought me to Stockholm.

I am from Nigeria and you won’t be wrong if you call me a very curious person. Most of my close friends would tell you I ask a lot of questions but those questions and my love for high-quality education, coupled with an innate drive to solve sustainability issues with energy in developing countries that got my heart to KTH.

Coming to Stockholm was a big move for me as I literally just packed my bags and moved to a seemingly unknown region which I have quickly fallen in love with. Stockholm is a beautiful city with super nice people! If you love art and if you’re like me that longs for the serenity that comes with the beauty of nature, Stockholm is THE CITY for you.

Join me as I explore the student life at KTH as you get to know my personal perspective on the city of Stockholm and Sweden in general.